Sense Hub v1 and v2: how to identify?

Hi All,
I am quite new in the Wyze ecosystem currently owning only two Cam v3 and I am thinking on to set up a climate sensor into my summer house which triggers the temperature and turns on a flat heater - through Wyze Plug - when it drops just around freeze temp. I know I need the Sense Hub to make the sensor work but I do not need the subscription for that. If I found one to buy secondhand how can I recognize it is the Sense Hub v1 or v2 ? As far as I know the climate sensors do not work with v1. Is this right ?

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Welcome to the community @Vegha

The V1 is actually known as the Bridge. It connected directly to the back of a Wyze Cam V2. These are not sold anymore. the V2 Hub or Sense Hub is the one which works with the Home Monitoring System, this one:


In order to use it, you will need to subscribe to the Home Monitoring System (HMS) Monthly or yearly. This will allow you to get the hub and attach the sensors to it. You don’t have to renew the service to continue to use the hub. However, without service you will not be able to use the Keypad or the Siren located in the Hub.

You can build your plan by going here and stepping through the process


If you can find one on EBay you don’t need to subscribe to anything.


Please be diligent in your search to purchase a second hand Sense Hub.

Make sure it is New In Sealed Box and the seller has a solid return policy.

These units do not have the ability to externally flash firmware or factory reset to the original production firmware. In the past, there were issues with firmware updates “bricking” hubs. This CANNOT be undone. You run the risk of purchasing a bricked hub second hand.

Alternatively, you can also get a hub and some starter sensors in the “Home Security Core Kit” sold on Amazon, Home Depot & Online, and Walmart Online. These do come with 3 or 6 months of free professional monitoring, but it does not need to be activated to install and use the hub.

Thanks for your answer.
So the question still remains open: how can I identify - before purchasing second hand - if a Sense Hub is v1 or v2. Is it written on the bottom perhaps ? For instance: WSHB1 model name appers on one device - I guess it is v1. So v2 should be WSHB2 perhaps ? Or ?

I am outside of U. S. and Wyze does not ship to my address, so my choices are limited to alternative sources.
So I need the Sense Hub only to make the Climate Sensors work - it is meaningless to buy a HMS (each) because I need only the Hub in that.

There is no such thing as a Wyze Sense Hub V1 or V2. The picture you posted is a Wyze Sense Hub.

Wyze V1 Sensors, the original ones that have been discontinued and are no longer supported, are controlled thru a Wyze Sense Bridge.

The Wyze V2 Sensors, like the Climate Sensors you seek, are controlled thru the Wyze Sense Hub

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Thanks a lot for clarifying this. I think the warning message on the Climate Sensor’s page is misleading saying:

:warning: Requires [Wyze Sense Hub.]
This device will NOT function as an individual or standalone product or with Wyze Sense v1.

But there is no v1. This makes sense!
Thanks again!

The terms Wyze Sense V1 and Wyze Sense V2 refer to the group of products that make up each system, not specifically one component in the group. The V1 and V2 really only applies to the version names of the Contact Sensors and the Motion Sensors since these were the only components offered in the original discontinued system.

Sense V1 system included the Sense Bridge, V1 Motion Sensors and V1 Contact Sensors.

Sense V2 system includes the Sense Hub, Keypad, V2 Contact Sensors, V2 Motion Sensors, Climate Sensors and Leak Detectors. It also serves as the base system for the Wyze HMS.