Can't connect V2 Sense

I got my wyze sense 2. I cannot pair it. The setup asks to pair the hub OR CAM with bridge, yet there is NO option for the CAM, only the bridge. How am I supposed to pair this??

Did you order the HMS starter bundle? There is a hub for that. The V2 sensors won’t work with the older V1 hub that installs in the cameras.

No, there is nothing saying I need a hub or anything. The software setup literally says it works with a camera hub. You can’t even order whatever you are talking about? This is totally ridiculous. I am a HUGE evangelist of Wyze gear and this is turning me the other direction.

So what do I need to do? Somehow buy another thing that isn’t stated I need that I can’t buy?

Please advise.

What sensor hardware do you have(include pictures if possible)? Do you have the V1 or V2 sensors? The V1 sensors will work with a camera bridge or the new V2 sensor hub, but the V2s will only work with the hub. The V2s can currently only be purchased with a hub. Make sure you are selecting the proper sensor in the app for setup. If you’re using the V2 sensors, make sure to setup the hub first.

I own both V2 and V1’s. The problem is pairing my V2’s without a Hub Link. I received a 3-pack of “Wyze Entry Sensor V2’s” and a “Wyze Motion Sensor V2”. This was back in January. I never ordered a hub or was aware I needed one.

I’ve been disappointed by the MAC address bug in the V1 sensors, and have a drawer full of paperweights because of the issue. Wyze only replaced TWO of a dozen because I had no receipts from years ago.

I have zero interest in a private third party monitoring service. Do I need that to get these to work? it’s bad enough I need yet a new type of hub no one told me about, but if that’s all I need it’s not the end of the world. If I have to set up with monitoring and monthly fee than I will ditch the whole eco system entirely. Please let me know.

thanks for your responses.

How and where did you get these? There hasn’t been a way to purchase the home monitoring subscription without the starter kit that includes the hub.

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