Motion sensor V2 won't recognize cam with bridge

I’m trying to install a new V2 motion sensor with my original Wyze cam that has a bridge. I have a V1 motion sensor that works fine but the motion sensor V2 won’t recognize cam with bridge during setup. It wants a Sense Hub setup first, but it should work with a bridge. The blue light is on steady on the bridge.

Any help?

The V2 sensors will not work with the Original Wyze Bridge. The V1 sensors will work with the V2 Sense Hub. You will need the new sense hub.

You can get it from Wyze as a package which will include an HMS Subscription. Or you can order the Starter kit from Amazon: : Wyze Home Security Core Kit: Hub, Keypad, Motion Sensor, Entry Sensors (x2); Compatible w/ Wyze Cam, Leak & Climate Sensors; 3 Mo. of 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service Incl., Subscription Required : Electronics


But it says they will work with the bridge? I bought 4 of these new and they are not returnable!

Directly from the Wyze shop website:



On the box it says it will work with a bridge (like my other motion sensors).

Never saw that before. But it doesn’t work with the bridge and never has. I can certainly see that it says that it will and I would think you have an argument for a refund.