Allow V1 sensors to connect to the Wyze sense hub

I have been using wyze for several years now and have been an early adopter to many of their smart home products. One of those was the Wyze Sense Hub. I ordered Wyze’s Alarm system and installed it with ease. I was able to add v1 motion sensors and v1 contact sensors to the hub. As the batteries in my sensors needed replaced I was unable to reconnect them to the hub. I thought this was a problem with the hub so I reset it and now I am unable to connect any v1 sensors. I reached out to support and they told me that they were only designed for the v2 sensors and if I want to connect v1 sensors to use the bridge on the back of the camera. I have 1 bridge and it is not /can’t be centrally located in my house. I do not want to buy all new sensors that will cost me over $100.

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One other thing to consider. With the V1 sensors, there was an unfixable hardware/software bug that if the batteries went completely dead, many of the sensors would brick and be unable to ever connect to the bridge again after replacing the batteries. It didn’t happen to every sensor, but it was a significant percentage. At the time, Wyze would replace them if it happened, but they stopped making them long ago.

Not sure who you got in support but the Sense Hub IS designed to support V1 sensors and always has. I have a few connected to my hub without any problems.


Exactly. I have V1s connected to my Hub too. Both Motion and Contact.

As a test, without a V1 Bridge on my network, I verified both my V1 motion and contact sensors still work with the V2 Hub.

Then I deleted the V1 motion sensor from the Hub, and successfully re-added it. Twice.

So V1 sensors still work with the Hub.

I believe that was if the battery got very low. There was a certain voltage where the sensor could fault if you ignored the battery warnings too long. When this happens the sensor will blink 5 times when you try to add it. Normal is 3 blinks.