Experience comfort in every room with Wyze Room Sensor - 5/3/22

The long-awaited Wyze Room Sensor is here! A little device that works with Wyze Thermostat to balance your home’s temperature. Track temperature in every room remotely with the Wyze app, see data at a glance with the always-on-display, and even turn on Motion Sensing Comfort Mode to only prioritize rooms you’re actually using. Available now!


The price is a bit steep though, I was hoping for it to be around $10-15 a piece.

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This is also frustrating for everyone who purchased the Climate Sensor thinking that would be enabled, which Wyze explicitly states in the FAQs on that product page: “Does Wyze Sense Climate Sensor work with Wyze Thermostat? No, not right now. In the future, Wyze Thermostat will be able to run your HVAC system based on temperature data collected by the sensor. That feature is in development.”

Instead they release a completely new sensor? Wyze, this feels a bit like a bait and switch. In fact, that’s literally what this is… you baited customers on future features then literally switched that feature to a completely different product.

Will the original climate sensor be enabled to share temp data with the thermostat as well??


Feel there is a misrepresentation here of the Motion Sensing Comfort Mode. Prioritizing rooms certainly is right but that does not isolate the other rooms from getting affected as well.

Seemingly more accurate is that the sensor that’s activated due to motion would reference its desired temperature and thus adjust the thermostat? That does not mean that the other rooms are not getting affected either while the thermostat works towards the prioritized setting.

I have no dog in this fight since I run a dual Ecobee/SmartThings setup but do feel this is either badly worded or misleading.


I agree. Back when these were rumored to be coming, I asked how this will help anything without “zoned” heating and cooling. My basement will always be a couple of degrees cooler than first floor. Second floor (upstairs) will always be a few degrees warmer than the first floor. Regardless of sensor priority that will always be true. Raise the heat in the basement and the heat on the first floor and second rise as well.


Already Purchased. Looking forward to getting them in. Had the T-Stat for a few months and recently hooked it up. I really like the T-Stat. Cam from an EcoBee and these sensors was the part that was missing. The price is on par with those.


You are correct. I was in air balance business for many years. Only way to adjust different areas is through the dampers in each area.


I’m buying the maximum (6).

Hopefully we can get a v2 version of the thermostat that will be able to handle a lot more than 6 in the future. That way we can put one in every bedroom, and every major room (living room, dining room, den/family room, kitchen(s), office, have 1 outside for easy viewing even though it says not to, etc. :slight_smile:

A nice work around will be to enable allowing the HMS climate sensors’ data to be accessed by the thermostat, since the HMS hub can hold a ton of sensors.

These are extremely nice looking sensors with long battery life! I know they could’ve been a lot cheaper if you left off the display screen, etc, but I’m glad you made some really high quality, good looking ones here.


What type of battery does it use?

We’re planning to use it to prioritize the bedroom while we’re sleeping and prioritize the living area while we’re not sleeping. Yeah, I realize that this will probably cost us a little money by overheating/overcooling the unoccupied area, but oh, well!



I’m ready to get this, but I have a question.

The only reason I need an additional sensor is to put one in the the main bedroom, which is always considerably cooler or warmer than the rest of the house since it’s so contained. If I put one of these sensors in the bedroom, can I switch the thermostat over to the readings from that sensor when it’s time for bed? In other words, the thermostat will kick the air/heat on or off based on what temp it is in the bedroom rather than the living room where it’s at?

All this verbiage that seem to indicate it averages out the readings from the whole house is what is making me wonder. Thanks in advance.


Not completely. If you have one sensor in the bedroom and the thermostat elsewhere you can set it so that during the day it goes off the thermostat and then at bedtime it will go off an average of the thermostat and the sensor as opposed to switching completely to the sensor. This might be a good scenario to add to the #Wishlist for future development.


Thank you for the clarification.

I’ll wait until they add this function before I get one then.

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2 x AAA batteries are used for the remote sensors.


Claims a 3 year Battery life

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Sigh. Whose idea was that?

Yeah. I’m sure they’ll do that Real Soon Now.

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This is stupid. It can not balance the air flow room by room. Stupid useless product.

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Too expensive WYZE!!

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