Provide the ability to use the Room Sensor(s) as the primary sensor or within a primary sensor group and treat the thermostat as an excludable sensor

I only have one HVAC system, but there are times when I’d like to control the system to the temperature in a different room (e.g. 2nd floor bedroom gets colder than the rest of the house). A stand alone temperature sensor that could override the main thermostat until setpoint was met at the remote sensor location would be awesome. Possibly with scheduling, like at night control to the bedroom sensor, during the day, the main thermostat.

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However, Wyze is working on a remote Sensor:

you can go here and scroll about 3/4 of the way down the page: Wyze Thermostat | Programmable, Wireless Smart Home Digital Thermostat


After receiving the sensors and hooking them up, I find I cannot remove the Main T-Stat from the Included list.

I would like to be able to treat the Main T-Stat as a sensor and Exclude it from the list and only use one or multiple remote sensors as the T-Stat. Ecobee allows for this and the Wyze T-Stat is almost there with this. I like the Wyze T-Stat better than the Ecobee and plan on sticking with it. But this feature would put it over the top. :slight_smile:


I too would like to see the ability to utilize the Remote Sensor(s) as the Primary Sensor or within a Primary Sensor Group and exclude the Thermostat under certain conditions.

But, I would like to see this integrated within the Thermostat’s already programmable Home\Away\Sleep schedule. For example, my personal preference is:

Away: Auto Comfort \ Motion Sensing OFF - Prioritize Saving - T-stat ONLY

Home: Auto Comfort \ Motion Sensing ON - Balanced - Average of Sensors w\ motion + T-stat

Sleep: Auto Comfort \ Motion Sensing OFF - Prioritize Comfort - Only Bedroom Sensors in group Averaged.

Regardless of the possible variations in these personal preferences, the user should be able to select their own preferences for the three variables: 1) Auto Comfort on\off, 2) Priority, and 3) Sensors included for each of the Thermostat’s States: Home\Away\Sleep.


My Wyze Thermostat is down a hall somewhat far away from the main parts of the house that are occupied. Using the Wyze Thermostat to set temp for the rest of the house doesn’t make sense for me. I need one room, the Family Room which is on the opposite side of the house to be the One and only thing controlling the temperature in the house.



This seems like such a basic function of the room sensors that was completely overlooked. I’m going to have to reinstall my Nest with its sensors again just because that at least has a schedule for the sensors.

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You can set the remote sensors on the Home or Sleep schedules. You need to turn on the Auto Comfort toggle to make those available

I’ve tried this and the temperature is averaging all sensors and t-stat even though I disabled the schedule the sensors should be active on.

I just removed my Honeywell thermostat with remote sensor to install the Wyze one. Honeywell remote sensor has a selection to read temperature at the sensor or thermostat. That’s what I need the Wyze one to do as well. I don’t need it to average.
The closest I got this to work is to set the sensor to comfort mode, and then do a temperature reading adjust set in the advance menu to make the thermostat read closer to what the sensor is reading.
Please please add this sensor priority functionality.

Thank you.


Control HVAC solely based on room sensor

Many people are asking for the new Room Sensors to be able to be the sole temperature data point for controlling the HVAC. Currently, it’s temperature reading is only used averaged against the Thermostat’s temperature reading, with “Savings” and “Comfort” weighting.
This would be useful, say if the thermostat is in a basement or closet, an otherwise unused living space, or a room where the HVAC doesn’t have an effect, and you don’t want the temperature reading there to affect the system.
It could be implemented via toggles, which include the thermostat, to select whether they should be considered or not.

If you want to get fancy, maybe even have the sensors be able to control different systems? So an a/c on the 2nd floor and a furnace on the 1st floor are connected to one thermostat. But the a/c only turns on if the room sensor on the 2nd floor says it’s too hot, and the furnace only turns on if the 1st floor sensor and thermostat say it’s too cold.


Treat the thermostat itself as a room sensor and give end users the ability to set thermostat to use specific location to determine ambient temperature

My enhancement request is to enable users to schedule the thermostat to use specific room sensors to determine when HVAC should be running.

Ideal functionality

  • the thermostat itself is treated as a sensor and can be removed from the calculation for determining actual temperature (for when the thermostat is in an unused area or is heavily affected by another HVAC unit like when it is upstairs in a foyer and the downstairs heat will rise causing other rooms upstairs to remain colder or the upstairs AC air sinks causing the AC to run more than is needed)
    -allows the user to set a schedule and what sensors are used to determine what the HVAC does (this allows the user better control over what room they target without requiring active motion in that room. For example, a child’s room may have a sleeping baby in that will not present any motion to a room sensor but that is still the highest priority room)

An additional request, that the settings for the sensors be redesigned and re-worded to be more clear as to what it actually does. Instead of “auto comfort” and “comfort control”, it could be, for example, “motion-sensing control” and “thermostat control”.


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It’s been updated already! Thanks Wyze!
That’s what I love about wyze products, they might not be perfect, but the team does their best to make them that way.

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Allow the user to force the thermostat to operate off of a specific sensor for a specific schedule.

User story: As a Thermostat user, I would like to select a specific room sensor for the thermostat to heat/cool from, based on my schedules, as opposed to room/thermostat averaging.
Details: For example, I would like the thermostat to heat/cool based on my ONLY bedroom sensor at night. My bedroom cools/heats faster than the hallway/living room where the thermostat is located. The bedroom tends to get too cold at night during the summer and too hot at night during the winter, and it wastes energy unnecessarily heating/cooling the rest of the house. There’s no reason to factor in the thermostat temp at all. Another similar, but opposite, example is my home office, located in our sunroom. It is not well insulated and has many windows, so it tends to be warmer than most of the house in the summer and cooler than most of the house in the winter, and it cools/heats slower than the rest of the house. I want the thermostat to operate only based on the temperature of the sunroom/office while I’m working during the day.


I have a thermostat in my home that is very poorly positioned. In order to move it I would have to run wire through an impossible set of walls from the heating or tear into a wall and reroute the wire through other impossible walls.

I have a WYZE thermostat on it and with the addition of the room sensors it makes the temp control much easier. “HOWEVER” I would like to be able to exclude the thermostat itself from the temperature calculation since it is located nowhere near the actual area that is being heated. (there are multiple zones in my home) I would like the temp calculation and heating based off of the sensors alone, I can just use the app and the thermostat to control the temp, but the temperature would be great to only calculate using the sensors.

Also as an added benefit, maybe a time or schedule based calculation so that during different times of the day or year the calculation is based off of different sensors. In the winter it is based off of X and Y and in the summer it is based off of Y and Z. thoguhts?


Same here. We have two floors and upstairs with the bedrooms gets very hot but the thermostat is downstairs. I want to exclude the thermostat at night so the upstairs is the right temperature


Control AC with Room Sensor

Currently room sensors are used to average out the entire system. I’d like for the room sensors to be used to control the entire system. For example, if there’s a specific space you want the whole system to control the AC from, set the system to cool or heat depending to the temperature reading from there. Nest has this feature already. Would be great for Wyze to adapt it as in my honest opinion, this is the best thermostat for the money.


Same situation as several others. Thermostat is downstairs, bedrooms are upstairs - We need to be able to ignore the downstairs thermostat temperature at times in order to correctly set the temperature upstairs.


Ignore Thermostat temperature reading and use Room sensor’s reading instead

The Thermostat is on a higher floor where the temperature gets high - nobody is on that floor
The Room Sensor is on a lower floor where the temperature is much lower - there are people on this floor
Current: Thermostat will try to cool the highest floor as people from the lowest floor are “freezing”
Suggestion: Add an option to ignore thermostat temp. reading and use just Room Sensor’s


An additional request would be for more control over room sensor rules and push notifications.

I use the room sensor to monitor the nursery. Since I can’t use it as the primary control, as requested here, I have a space heater in the room. I would like to be notified anytime the room is outside 68-72° regardless of what the main thermostat is doing, not just when it deviates too far from the main thermostat, since at night I have it set to 64 but would still like to maintain 68-72 in the nursery.