Experience comfort in every room with Wyze Room Sensor - 5/3/22

@spamoni4 can explain or clarify this more clearly when he wakes up and sees he’s been tagged here He ran tests with his to verify everything, but yes, apparently they are independent options and even though the day and sleep icons disappear when auto comfort is deselected, they continue to work based on the priority setting we select.
(Sorry a little sleep deprived at the moment to give a thorough explanation)


That’s perfect, I get it, thanks! At least the option is there. The app should probably be clearer, though.


Thanks @carverofchoice

@Manmeyco , you are correct in the following:

  • Auto Comfort Toggle On- Activates the Motion Sensing on the Remote Sensors to control the Temp. When Motion is sensed the more weight or Credence is placed on the Remote Sensor which sees the motion. I just learned that after about 30 minutes or so, if no activity is seen the system will move that sensor to the “Not Included” area until it sees motion again. Also, this setting will require you to pick which mode the sensors will participate in, Home or Sleep or both. Any sensors not tagged with Home or Sleep will not be used to participate in Auto Comfort. If multiple sensors see motion then those sensors will be moved to the Included Area and be used to average the Temp.

  • Auto Comfort Toggle Off- This will turn off the ability to set Mode selection and turn off motion sensing for the remote sensors. Therefore, which ever Sensors you put in the included area will remain there and Participate in the Temp Average. The only way to stop a sensor from participating is to remove it from the Included section.

Please note: In all cases the Main T-Stat will be used in the average calculations. I am hoping that Wyze will allow the main T-Stat to be removed from the equation and allow us to select a remote sensor as the main T-Stat temp sensor.

In your Case, what you could potentially do is turn off Auto Comfort, then only add the sensor in the location where you would like to regulate the temp, to the Included Section.


Ohhhh, this is a great suggestion! Have a setting to select what the primary sensor is, have the Tstat set by default, but allow any sensor to be swapped out as the Primary sensor. This is brilliant.

Is there a wishlist for this yet?

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According to Wyze, this is already a feature. From the Feature Tips page in the app

“Wyze Room Sensor uses its motion sensor to
detect occupancy and adjust the temperature
accordingly. Only the occupied room will be

I’ve only been able to set the system up where its always balancing with the thermostat. Has anyone figured out how to only have it run based on the room sensors with motion? In my setup, the room with the thermostat is always being looked at for a temp calculation even if it’s not occupied.

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I think there is. On the Ecobee, it will list the primary T-Stat as a sensor and then you tag which modes you would like to participate in. you can select none. By doing this, the T-Stat only acts as a controller for your HVAC, but the Temp needs are provided by the selected or multiple selected Sensor Devices.

I believe this is one which best fits what I am saying. Although, I would like it to be primary all the time. :slight_smile:


This is actually indicating that the Remote Sensors will automatically move into the Included section of the Comfort Control area when Auto Comfort is selected. Once the Sensor Moves into that location it will then average the primary T-Stat with the sensors that are included in the comfort control area.

The main T-Stat cannot be removed from the equation at this time. At least, that is what I understand and have validate in my testing.

So it sounds like instead of saying “Only the occupied room will be heated/cooled” Wyze should amend the documentation to say “Only the occupied room plus the room with the thermostat will be heated/cooled.”

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True. you can test this and see for yourself. Put a Sensor in a room or two and then try to do the average without using the Main T-Stat and then do it with it. You will notice the Temp on the main screen will only match when you add the Main T-Stat.

This has been suggested and discussed. So hopefully it can be added.

I’ve noticed the same, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me. I’m surprised Wyze is being so misleading on the marketing of this one feature when overall this is a great HVAC control setup with the features it does have and at the price point.

And @spamoni4 thanks for all the in depth testing you’ve done, it’s helped a lot in figuring out how these work.


No Problem. I enjoyed it. I had an Ecobee and understood how it worked. Figured it had to be similar, which it was. To be honest, Ecobee even said a similar thing in their marketing material. I think what they were trying to convey is that you will realize a more even temp around the house when you include remote sensors.

But I am hopeful it will happen. :slight_smile:

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I made one, but it’s still pending.



I finally received shipment today and installed. I was excited to add these to my Wyze system based on the promotional materials, but now I am not so excited. Based on what I have read here in the forum, experienced from mine, and seen from other brands features, there is more functionality to be desired from these than came in the box.

I am with you on the deceptive language in the promotional materials Wyze has generated for the sensor. Add to that finding more technical and operational information here in the forum than can be found anywhere on their knowledge base or package guide.

One comment on the quote you posted from the Feature Tips Page that I have:

This Wyze statement is both misleading AND completely untrue. In fact, it is physically impossible unless you have a multi-zone variable heat pump installed, in which case I don’t believe the Wyze T-stat is even compatible, or you selectively open\close your dampers\registers yourself.

All rooms will be heated and cooled at the same time so long as the dampers are open. Most common HVAC systems can’t tell one room from another and the Wyze Thermostat and Sensors can’t control where that airflow goes, only On & Off. Most homes have unbalanced airflow room to room to begin with due to distance from the unit and improper duct\register sizing. Unless these Room Sensors come with a troop of magical fairies and elves to open and close dampers, all rooms will be heated and cooled when the system turns on.

From the Wyze Features:

“Works to eliminate hot and cold spots.” “Rid your home of hot and cold spots by placing Wyze Room Sensors in important rooms and letting Wyze Thermostat balance your home’s climate.”

The Room Sensors cannot change temperature differentials from one room to another. Eliminate a hot spot in one room and it will create a cold spot in another… The air blows everywhere. Heat and cool using an average temp and it will raise and lower the temp in all rooms. This is NOT “balanced”, this is just preferential room setpoints. The differential will still remain from room to room. The only way to fix this is to use the sensors to determine which dampers\registers to manually open and which to close. A simple dollar store thermometer in each room serves the same purpose.

The only thing this sensor can do is to selectively decentralize the Temp Sensing that triggers the Temp Setpoints Activation. And, it is quite limited in that regard.

I sure hope they are already thinking about improving this. It didn’t live up to the advertising promotion for me and I won’t be buying more until it’s functionality lives up to it’s price.


… Waiting for arrival of those fairies and elves …

Your post is spot on. Most folks have a simple HVAC system… turn it on… air comes out of all ducts… and without those fairies and/or elves standing by to open/close ducts… we’re getting air out of all ducts… and these sensors can’t do much to ‘eliminate hot and cold spots’ and/or heat/cool just one room.

I can see how the Wyze Room Sensor could be used to, for example, to Cool my family room that gets direct afternoon sun that makes it hotter than the rest of the house by using ONLY the Wyze Room Sensor in that room to set the temp for the entire house. But, this will also result in the Living room on the other side of the house to be potentially colder as it gets the same cool air flow. AND it’ll be even colder as the living room is CLOSER to the A/C / Furnace unit. But hey, I’ll be at my desired temp in the Family Room :slight_smile:


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I do agree that they way they market the thermostat and room sensor makes it seem like you can make a room what you want.
They do not mention ever that with out a zoned system you are effecting the whole house or at least the areas affected by the system.
I have seen Smart Vents and that would be a great product for Wyze to look at making reasonably priced that you could get your whole home replaced.

Just a thought.

I did a quick search and found this: Best Smart Vent: Room by room climate control…sort of (thesmartcave.com)

I think it sounds cool, thoughts?

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These are a great addition to a “smart” system. However it adds yet another ecosystem to manage. Since there is no Wyze solution on the horizon, could be a possibility though.

My only concern is management and regulation of the duct pressure and net airflow when the system is active. If they don’t have a way of showing this or producing a warning notification, it could be really easy for a user to damage their system by closing off too many registers in unused rooms.

My system is a newer retrofit into an older home (1953) that replaced an oil furnace and added AC. The previous owner did not splurge. It is a cobbled together network of old and new solid ducts and lots of flex-duct. I have been under the house many times shoring up shoddy workmanship and downright ignorant design shortcuts. They used more Foil Tape than they did screws, brackets and hangars! The primary trunk duct they hung actually fell from the joists and was sitting on the ground. They used 1\8" duct screws to attach it to the joists!

If I over pressurize my ducts by closing too many registers, it will blow the ducts off or at least blow the tape out. Worse, I have seen HVAC systems ruined from blocked airflow. Most users don’t consider the importance of proper airflow and duct pressure.

This might be something I consider down the road, but I have too many projects on my full renovation wishlist now to make this a priority. Nice to know it is available though.

I did vote for this #wishlist topic.

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Wishlist post for the ability to ignore the main thermostat temperature sensor is up!


It seems like that wish list item needs cleaned up, it started as just a we need a room sensor and the title doesn’t really do the problem justice…how will people/or devs really know what the ask is without reading the whole thread?


Ya you’re right, maybe a mod can edit the title to something more clear.

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All ya hafta do is send up the mod bat signal :bat: to get their attention: @Mods