Temperature sensors early 2021?

When will thermostat temperature sensors be available? I currently use nest but am holding off buying Wyze until these are available.

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Yes, that estimate in their pre-announcement in the Store needs to be updated, all right! Unfortunately, only Wyze can update it. I’ll see if I can get some attention on it.


My guess is they ain’t happening.

I was just on with support about my thermostat and then asked about the sensor and it doesn’t seem like customer support even knew it was in process. They have no idea where it is in development.

Thank you so much for the update!

This was the only reason I decided to give it a try and not go straight to Ecobee… guess I’m going to regret that now!

From Dave Crosby (Wyze Co-founder)

Regarding Temperature/Humidty sensors: “Keep an eye on your inbox next week :eyes:

Of course the assumption it that this is for the thermostat remote sensors

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They’ve changed the store from “Early 2021” to just “2021”, so will be interesting to see what the announcement is…

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I hope this isn’t it… note on the product page:

[Does Wyze Sense Climate Sensor work with Wyze Thermostat?

No, not right now. In the future, Wyze Thermostat will be able to run your HVAC system based on temperature data collected by the sensor. That feature is in development.

Well, they haven’t started selling them yet, so it isn’t impossible to believe the products will merge, or one will be dropped, or they will have parallel functionality, but the climate sensor they announced today is NOT the thermostat’s Satellite sensor they were hoping a shipping date would be announced on.

Two separate devices. 1) Thermostat Satellite Sensor w/Display, and 2) WHM sensor without display.