Thermostat Remote 3 in 1 Sensor when?

I bought two Wyze Thermostats at and just after launch due to the advertisement of the 3 in 1 remote sensor coming Q1 2021. We’re well past that time frame and I understand COVID-19 changed a lot, but there have been no updates at all. Is there any intention to ever release this product? The remote sensor is a winter requirement for me and I would like to know if I should just cut bait and buy something else or if it may be expected at some point this winter.

I’m extremely disappointed in the handling of this by Wyze, I’ve valued their products and their support previously, but the utter lack of a response here has me considering whether I should be looking to another company to focus my home automation around.


More Wyze Vaporware, both hardware and software!!!


Welcome to 2022! Happy new year!

Seriously guys I know you have had some financial issues but is there an expected ETA? otherwise I’m just gonna have to buy another thermostat that has the capability…

You could’ve also teased us by at least making the stats a lot better like including outside high low temperature for that day ambient temperature inside hours ran all of the stats that you guys could easily put in then we can do a prediction or find based on what other houses with the same ambient and outside temperature and how many hours it should run I know Long Run on sentence using Siri to voice type this but come on guys

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The web sit says 2022, so you have your answer.


Learning algorithm still states 2021, but the remote sensor has been updated to 2022.
Good to know it’s still on the radar, thanks for pointing it out, but a bit more granular of a date or a non-passive update would have been helpful.

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I’m sure it will be shipping Real Soon Now. :unamused: