Remote temperature sensors

I purchased the thermostat largely based on the remote sensors displayed in the Wyze promo of the product. Now, my thermostat is installed but I have lost functionality compared to my last smart thermostat which had remote sensors.

I cannot find anything about these devices. I really hope I’m not going to be disappointed, but it seems like Wyze may not producing these. Anybody have info on this?


Wyze said they are coming in 2021, but no other information has been released yet.


Yea my purchase is also based on product description saying remote 3 in 1 sensor is available. So


It seems strange that Wyze would promote their new product preorders with an accessory that can’t even be purchased. @WyzeGwendolyn


Although I knew the remote sensors were “coming” is is annoying that I can’t install the thermostat yet without losing remote temp readings for the bedroom, kids room etc.


I am also VERY interested in adding sensors (3 actually) to have the system be smarter regarding which area at what time of day should drive the thermostat readings.
@WyzeGwendolyn, could you please give us some update on when that is planned for?

Thank you!



i would add 3 as well :+1:


I’d buy at least 2 of these.


I need that too. There is no mention of it anywhere on the site. No promotions for it either.

Are there any update on this? I need at least two of these.

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Welcome @sean.ward!
No update yet. It’s still 2021 so maybe soon…

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I also bought the thermostat (Actually I bought 2) based on the remote sensor being available. Been very happy with it , but feeling a bit crippled without the remote sensor and am wasting elec. energy since thermo is one room but another room needs to be used for setting the limits.

Seeing lots of new Wyze products announced but no mention of previous commits.

Can someone from Wyze comment about availability?


There was an AMA today and I believe there was mention of these releasing soon. Credit: @carverofchoice

Sensors still show on site


You’re right, they said to keep an eye on your inbox next week!

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The Sense Climate Sensor just came out today, it only works with the security system, maybe the sensor for the thermostat won’t be long in coming. Unless these are the ones he was referencing, and the ones for the thermostat will be coming out later?

These are different from the sensor seen in the thermostat product page. I’m sure he was referring to the one launched.

Aha, I think you’re right. There’s this other post where he specifies the room sensors for the thermostat, and says they’ll be coming by the end of the year.


Did he specifically say 2021, or was it just “the end of some year?”

I sent a screenshot of what he said on reddit in my previous post, where he just says towards the end of the year.

So, interestingly enough, I got the sensors yesterday and installed excitedly, only to find that they do not actually have them integrated with the thermostat yet. The groundwork is there, as the app has the icon selectable and search is functional, but sensors are not detected…looks like work in progress…would be better if they actually spake with the customers about the timelines, or in a transparent way that was customer tangible maybe they could do a project map probably directly from their project board…not a stretch, just needs prioritization. I have long abhorred the way they show unavailable tech like it’s a sales point. They’re effectively monetizing before production. It’s actually unethical imo, but hey, it works. Anyways, an example would be the tech shown when you select the icon for adding a climate sensor to thermostat. It shows an image of a rad little remote device I can’t wait to be able to buy…

So, back to the issue, it seems it’s coming. I think we all agree…bring it!

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