Remote thermostat

Just ordered the new smart thermostat. Would love to have a remote thermostat setup. Example–have a remote switching devise connected to my exiting wires but have the capability of placing the main control unit in a different area. I am sure my current thermostat is located in the wrong room. I don’t want to crawl under the house, drill holes and try to feed the wires to a different wall. My current thermostat is the same age as my home, 20 years and has never operated correctly. The ability to move the smart thermostat around to different areas to see where it works the best would be great for me.

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Great idea! :+1:
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Hi, did you see the 3 in 1 remote sensors? I wonder if those would help? They’re on the Wyze thermostat page, fairly far down.


Didn’t see them. Thanks, they may already have my problem/question addressed. I will keep a check on this item which is due out this year.