Has anyone found a way to use Wyze thermostat with mini-split?

Is there a work around or hack which will allow the Wyze thermostat to work with mini-split air conditioners?

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Hmm. It might be possible. Does your mini-split have a way to connect a thermostat? If not, you’d have to reverse engineer the controls and make sure they use 24VAC logic. I could probably do it, but it depends on your level of technical expertise.

This is probably a request for a different product. I have 4 mini splits (American Standard) each split operated independently with its own local IR remote control that let’s you control the temp, louvers, air flow, etc. for that individual unit in the room (as long as you keep that remote in there in the room near the unit). Each remote control also acts as the therrmostat in that room as well. Each remote is powered by a couple AA cell batteries. The remotes are actually interchangeable across the units but they are IR so only control what’s there locally in the room. The remotes are not able to be connected to the internet so there’s no way to manage them from an app or if I’m away from the house straight out of the box. I’ve used Flair pucks and the Flair app and it works pretty well but it would be great to do it all with the Wyze app.

Has anyone found a way to do this?

This is a great product idea.! Most (maybe all) mini-splits are controlled by an infrared remote control. Some smart thermostats are made to operate them. For example, CIELO makes one. The request here, is that a Smart Thermostat be developed that can control both a wired heating system and a mini-split system with the same device. Thus, only on device is on the wall. It may have to be a little larger but it would be a great product update to the current WYZE thermostat. I would be very happy to discuss this more but it is a fairly simple concept combining existing very common technology already in use.
How to I get this properly into the correct hands for consideration?