In-line smart thermostat

I would love it if you guys would make a smart line-in thermostat. You could then use a cheap space heater to heat a room and the power shuts off when it gets to a certain temperature or time set. Could add other capabilities too. When someone opens the door the heater turns on for certain amount of minutes etc. Could also use it for a window ac unit to make them smart. I can’t seem to find any on the market.

Welcome Dylan. That’s a good idea. Don’t forget to vote on your own wishlist item. I use these:

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I could also see this working if they do the stand alone temp/humidity sensor, just make a rule when temp reaches ‘x’ turn off plug ‘y’


That would be ideal for me… wireless sensors, separate power relay/output(s), logic processing via Wyze app.

As of now, I’m using the above linked product and am content, but confined in terms of space and limited expansion.

Edit: on second thought… I’d definitely purchase a Wyze solution, but will forever use analog for critical applications despite convenience shortcomings.

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I would love to see Wyze create a thermostat for wall heaters that are used in many houses, apartments & offices.

I have wall heaters (Cadet) in my condo and would love to add smart thermostats but there is only one option it seems on the market.

I bet the market would be huge as there are a ton of properties with wall heaters.

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