Need a Wyze Fan/heater

We need a good floor standing, oscillating smart fan/heater. Should have programmable oscillating range, 0 to 180 degrees. Smart temp sensor to automate on/off and low, mid, high settings. Timer for sleep/wake times.

*mod edit added additional features

I currently have (3) of these window fan units:

They are great, but the thermostats are not really very accurate. I feel like a Wifi connected window fan would be an excellent opportunity for Wyze. Not to mention it could possibly then be linked to the Wyze thermostat and controlled from a central location.

At the very least a Wifi Connected window fan would be exactly what I need right now. The ability to set a schedule and rules. I would be at least (4) of these. I have tried plugging my Holmes fans into the Wyze Smart plug, however, the fans don’t turn back on when the plug turns back on.

All in one smart fan/heater/ HEPA and UV air filter/humidifier/air cooler, blade-less, silent, sleek like Dyson’s fan/heaters/air purifiers, controlled by Home Assistant apps. Auto-start/shut off to maintain set temperature range and air quality. Hopefully at quarter of cost compared to unreasonably priced Dysons! :thinking:

I’d like to see an actual table top type fan similar to an old Galaxy model built by Wyze and controllable via the app or Home assistants.

Make it so you can not only control the on/off but the fan speed and oscillation.

This would be particularly helpful for the elderly. Voice control to automate lives simplifies things greatly.