Home fan - Pedestal, Box, Tower style

What about a smart Wyze fan? Like a pedestal fan or box fan or like the powerful cyclone fans.

A quiet, small footprint, 2-3 speed pedestal fan that I could control through the app (or voice, preferably Siri in my case), where speed, angle, and oscillation on/off could be controlled would be great, would order one today. I’d also expect “rules”, IFTTT, etc. to be supported.


I would love this so I don’t have to remember to turn off the fan in the garage. My daughter has a lot of clothes that I don’t put in the dryer. I live in Florida so it is always hot and humid and I use a fan so the clothes dry faster. I have an alarm set to remind me every night, but don’t use the fan every day so it is a bit of a nuisance.


Has wyze considered creating a stand up floor fan that can be controlled with the app I know my entire family all have floor fans that they turn on every night and sometimes through out the day ??


#Wyzesupport where you at? I think you all should do this!

Let’s start getting this everyone on the Community so hopefully it will gain traction and they will make it!

I have a smart remote in my bedroom (broadlink) to control a Dyson tower fan. However, the IR sensor of the Dyson tower fan is at the bottom of its base, and the broadlink smart remote has to be awkwardly placed in my room to turn it on or off. Even then I’ve had to put it on a flower pot pedestal to make sure that the smart remote can hit it most of the time (and then, for some reason it will turn it on most of the time, but getting it to turn it off is spotty).

If Wyze came up with a smart tower fan, bladed or bladeless I would most definitely make the switch. I’d have no need for the smart remote, could get rid of that, and as long as it was of sufficient height so that the wind produce hit me in bed it would solve all of the current problems I’m having and be well worth the price point I’m sure Wyze would sell it at!


A tower fan for small rooms.

a tower fan like the dyson. the purefer has been really good against the high end market and i think that wyze could make a great fan that would work with google and alexa thats fanless, low sound, and high power.