Smart Ceiling Fans

Smart Ceiling Fans

Wyze should look into making an affordable smart ceiling fan. Current Products in this market sucks and are difficult to install with a wall switch while using the smart features. This could be integrated to current smart thermometers to create an ‘auto’ schedule to be cost efficient and effective.

If anyone can pull off an affordable option that just works, I have faith Wyze can do it…

You’re referring to built-in WiFi in the ceiling fan right? Not like an add-on control device like this…

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I like the idea as well as the separate controller that @cheaplikeafox linked!
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I’d love to see an actually affordable smart ceiling fan that can be controlled by Alexa and Google Assistant. There are a few options out there but all of them have an incredibly ridiculous price tag.

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If it came in a variety of finishes and blade color options that would be great.

I saw one recently that used clear acrylic blades that stayed down when the fan portion was only in use and it looked like a modern chandelier. Very nice to look at. When you wanted to use the fan the motion caused the blades to rise and generate air. Such a sleek design! On top of this is was smart with Alexa and Google integration.

Why didn’t I buy it? Well, the price point was a bit steep. It was also a crowdfunded project and on these sorts of things I prefer reviews from those who have used it and had it in their home. The other detractor was that it only came in acrylic/stainless steel (or maybe it was brushed nickel, those two look the same to me). Finish was probably the largest deal breaker.

If Wyze can produce something like this, with an option of finishes I’d definitely consider replacing my dumb ceiling fan that wired into a smart switch with a Wyze ceiling fan.

I wouldn’t mind a Wyze ceiling fan with the following features:

  1. 1-100% variable fan speed
  2. Smart lighting
    2a. Bonus if RGB, but white would be okay too.
  3. Assistant enabled
  4. PIR to detect if room is occupied