Smart Switch for Ceiling Fan and Light

Just contacted support hoping they would tell me Wyze has a single smart switch to run my ceiling fan light and fan in one switch. I now have a single switch on my wall with two switches on it for fan and light. Wyze doesn’t make one like this and they need to.
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The ceiling fans in our home have a controller available at Home Depot.

Search for 76278. If you happen to have Hubitat, SmartThings, or any smart home that uses Zigbee, these work great.

Saw your post reference ceiling switch.

Check out Sonoff brand. They make a TX series wall switch with 1, 2 or 3 buttons, in a single switch. They mistakenly call it 1-gang, 2-gang and 3-gang switch, but their naming is wrong. I used them all over my house. I love them, I use the RF called T2 version, which allows me to pair to a 433MHz remote.

You can find them on Amazon, but cheaper at Depending on how much you buy, shipping takes a while. But Amazon is higher but lots faster.

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Fan and Light dimmer combo wall switch

Please make a wall switch that is a combo Fan and Light dimmer controller.

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Smart fan switch

What about a smart switch for your ceiling fan? This would allow me to not buy one from a competition and add an additional app, while yes a regular switch works for turning it off and on, I still have to get up to adjust the speed. If you designed a smart switch which could also adjust the speed like others have this would be great! I’d even buy the first 3 at least.

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I’d like to know why this is a probably not. I mean almost all other smart switch manufacturers have come out with one. Seems you guys are falling behind