Wyze Thermostat - fan only settings


Will the Wyze thermostat allow 100% control over the fan function? Not just coast to cool feature.

For example, will i be able to schedule the fan to run for 15 minutes independently of the compressor?

Will that work for both the heat and cool modes?

I would like 100% control over the fan, so as the temp increases i can run the fan for 15 minutes before the compressor and 15 minutes after the compressor to get maximum air movement without always calling for compressor to be on.

On marginal cooling needs then i could just run the fan instead of the compressor to pull cold air from the basement through the house. I could create a task to run the fan for 15 minutes and run it on demand from my phone, or Alexa or whatever.

Just looking for more explanation of how granular the fan controls are.



Currently, the fan controls are: auto, cycle, on

Auto comes on with the call for heat or cooling

Cycle allows you to run the fan independent of heating/cooling. You can choose anywhere from 5 min to 55 minutes per hour.

On runs the fan continuously

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Thanks for the reply Ken!

In a daily schedule where you set the temperature, can you also set a fan-only cycle for 5-55 minutes?

So at 8:00am on cool+auto and you set for 72 degrees, the thermostat will automatically adjust to that temperature. Can you then at say 9:00 set a schedule to just run the fan for 15 minutes without affecting the previous setting of cool+auto?

I’m trying to determine if this is something the thermostat and Wyze app can do natively or if I"d need IFTT or something else to implement.

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My thermostat has no fan control. How can I enable it?


In the app go to the thermostat and then settings, go to advanced, there you will see fan cycle and you can set an amount of time the fan will run every hour. Is that what you are looking for?

Support had told us to connect the G wire to the Y terminal. The thermostat then showed a Cool function, but no fan control. We ignored that advice and used the logical connections and started over. Now it shows the fan control. Evidently not everyone sees the same thing. The app adapts to your wiring and shows the controls it thinks you need.

It seems to be working now. Thanks for your help.

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I had a Honeywell T5 thermostat prior to this one that allowed me to “Ask Alexa to trigger the furnace fan on” or back to auto through IFTTT integration. Is there any way to configure this for the Wyze thermostat even if it’s through IFTTT? The integration for the Honeywell is linked below. Any way to do this with Wyze?

I tried to turn the Fan ON in the Controls pop up. Days later I finally figured out you need to close the pop up to implement the action - what a fool.


Not a fool. That gets me almost every time I use that panel. (Most often to switch out of Home mode. I don’t like the movement detector overriding the home/away setting.)

I had fan controls working and then something got messed up. My fan control function is gone from the app. I have Rc, Y1, W1 and C wires. What could have happened??

Your C wire is a G wire that is being fed by the adapter, you need to tell the app that you have a G wire (and have it walk you through hooking up the C adapter) when your set up the device or it will assume it can’t control the fan.

my issue is here, along with pictures

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Not a fool but a genius. I had just installed my thermostat last month. I was frustrated with the manual fan function not working. Everybody was checking wires and blaming WYZE for not “fixing the issue” when I came across your comment. Worked just like you said!!!