Why unable to just run fan only using Wyze Thermostat?

In the event of unit freezing up usually you can run the fan only to keep air circulating while it unfreezes and you are waiting on repair person; or if unknown noise or whatever just to keep air moving. Don’t have that option in app. Just Auto-Heat-Cool. Any help advice or future plans for this?

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For what it is worth, this missing feature is something keeping my parents from switching to the Wyze Thermostat. They have a thermostat that will run their fan constantly so that it continues to circulate the air and temperature throughout the entire house all the time to better keep everything more even, instead of having pockets of hotter and colder temps in different places, as well as keeping better air quality all over. Wyze would probably have a few more sales if this was supported.

I didn’t realize this was already supported (see Spamoni4’s comment below). I’m going to have to try this out now.

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You can run the fan 24x7 if you want, we do it.

Start the app and then tap.on your T-Stat. Then tap controls at the bottom of the main screen. The last item on the list of options is Fan, set that to On

In settings under advanced 8 also set the Fan delay to be controlled by the furnace and the cycles per hour to be 0.

Here are some pictures.


Oh interesting, I didn’t realize it allowed that. I’m going to give it a try!

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I don’t have any of those options. Why is mine different from yours?

At least I wasn’t crazy. It’s not supported in my app, but why is it in yours?

It should be there as mine has been there from day one. :slight_smile:

Do you have a heat pump or conventional HVAC system? Mine is conventional, natural gas. I also don’t use the adapter as I have a C-Wire available. I can see how using the adapter may play into this. But not sure.

I do use the C-wire adapter, so that could be it. I would still like to know. Weird that it’s not the same.

For a minute I thought I was crazy telling my parents that Wyze can’t do that. But at least I know I wasn’t totally oblivious now. It’s just that my settings don’t have it, but maybe some other people do.

If anyone else with a C-Wire adapter has the ability to do this, please speak up. Or anyone without a C-Wire Adapter not have it. It would be nice to figure out what the difference is.

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Yea, @WyzeJasonj do you know if you use the C Adapter provided with the T-Stat, does that remove the ability to turn the fan on continuously or cycle over a period of time?

Asking because there is no G wire connected, which is normally the Fan control. The G wire is connected to C when using the adapter.

I am using the c-wire adapter on mine and I have mine set to turn on the fan for 5 minutes every hour and looks like the max I can set it for is 30 minutes every hour. Mine only controls the heat though as I use an evaporative cooler for cooling and the thermostat will not work for that. although I have managed to automate the evaporative cooler via a series of rules, climate sensors and outdoor plug.

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Can you tap on Controls at the bottom of the main screen and see if you have the FAN option, last in the list. Carver deosn’t see it and I do

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Yes I have Auto and On.

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I have a Natural Gas\Electric Package unit, no C Adapter. I have Fan Control also.

Perhaps @speadie might be able to provide some insight as to if the Fan Control feature is only available to specific types of systems when choices for features and wiring is established during the Setup choreography.


That is what I am seeing as well.

@carverofchoice have you been updating your T-Stat?

Yes, I’m on the latest production firmware, not the beta. It’s been this way for a while, including through 2 Thermostats (my last one got fried during a power surge earlier this year, and I replaced it with a new one).

It must be the wiring schema then.

I looked for pictures of my wiring, and here’s what it was like before I switched to Wyze:

And it looks like this is the picture I took of when I was done:

Looks like this is a picture of my furnace before adding the C-wire adapter:

I can’t take a picture of with the C-Wire adapter at the moment…our new fridge started leaking water all over, so we’re kind of busy fixing that ATM.

I would definitely love to hear fro @speadie if he knows why I wouldn’t have the fan options that everyone else seems to have. But his message says he’s on vacation until Aug 15th, so it could be a few more days before he’s available.

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Why are you using the C-Wire Adapter?

In looking at your pictures, it sortof looks like you have a black wire wrapped around the pack in the first image. you can use that for the C connection

Because I have absolutely no idea what I am doing with HVAC stuff and I just followed the instructions of what the app told me to do based on what I told it during setup (which wires my previous thermostat had) :man_shrugging: It told me to use the C-Wire Adapter, so I did.

I’m not 100% sure how I would undo whatever it told me to do now, but I am willing to if there is a better way to do it.

I didn’t even notice the other wire, but if that is indeed a C wire and I can use that instead of the C Wire adapter, that sounds like a way smarter way to do it. How would I know?


I’d need a wider image of the furnace area to be able to tell you if you could avoid the c adapter- the wires at the furnace don’t match the wires at the thermostat. I’d need to be able to see the splice point.

As for your fan issue, when you initially set up your system, you might have selected radiator as your heat source, if you hooked up your thermostat back before they fixed the fan control settings- that would eliminate the fan control settings from your UI even with a c adapter.


I appreciate your time. Here are some new pictures I just took of how it is currently setup

Here is the bottom part of the furnace, zoomed out:

Top half of the Furnace:

The top and bottom half of the furnace:

Full furnace

Zoomed in a little closer

Thermostat Wiring

Behind the thermostat there is indeed an unused black wire coiled around the wire insulation

I don’t know if that black coiled wire works or does anything, but spamoni4 had keen eyes noticing it was there. It was not being used with the previous Honeywell thermostat. I think the old one was the same as this one (which has never worked since I bought the house):

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Nice pictures, I’m interested in the splice point of the top thermostat wire bundle here where it breaks out into wire nuts. Is a black thermostat wire present here?