Wyze Thermostat help needed with heat and fan

Finally installed the Wyze Thermostat again. Originally I installed it, but had to remove it due to not being able to get passed the “extra wire” issue in the app. I read posts here and then tried it again and was able to skip. Now I have it running, but need help.

  1. I have the following terminals on the control board, C,Y,W,R,G. I have a forced air heat and air conditioning system.
  2. Heat sort of works. It doesn’t seem very warm at the vents. It’s not cold, but it’s having a hard time reaching the desired temps. The furnace will cycle as it gets close to the desired temp, then I notice warmer air coming out of the vents. I can hear the igniter then warmer air.
  3. The fan seems to run full time. I will hear the furnace cycling and it sounds like the fan turns off for a few seconds, then it continues to run. Maybe that’s why it’s having a hard time getting to the desired temp since the thermostat is forcing indoor ambient temp air to continue flowing.

I’m coming from a gen 1 Nest and didn’t have any of these issues. I only had a G, Y1, W1, and Rh wire connected on the Nest. Luckily I had a blue wire not connected at both the control board and Nest. I connected them and it powers the Wyze as expected. The wires are connected to Rc, Y1, W1, C, and G.

So thoughts on why the fan is running almost full time? I think if I can stop it the desired temps will be reached. In the app I have Controls Mode set to Heat and Fan to AUTO. I set Behavior to Balanced and then comfort and I”m not sure it’s making a difference. Auto Switch is off. I decided to turn Auto Switch to On and the fan turned off as I’m writing this post. Should it be set to Auto?Fan cycle is set to 20min, although isn’t that only if I selected Cycle under controls?

Thanks for the help!


Can you post pics of your wiring at the thermostat and control board?

Note, the thermostat photo was taken before I decided to pull the wires out, cut and strip them to make sure I wouldn’t have any issues. I took the photo then didn’t like the condition of the wires. Now they’re perfect but wired the same way. I then turned on the furnace and wyze displayed on the thermostat.

My experience since last night is that if I set Controls Mode to Auto, the fan turns off when the heater is not running. If I select Heat, then the fan will run almost continuously.


All looks good, what was the extra wire msg you received? Did you try using the default settings after setup?

What is your fan set to on the app? It should be set to auto. There is also a setting that makes it run for a specific amount of time every hour. What is that set to?

It’s set to AUTO.

How do you set it to default settings? Thanks

I’m not sure you can revert to default besides deleting the thermostat from the app then pressing the knob for 10-15 seconds to reset.

I just read on the Wyze Facebook community that if you have the same problem that I have, reset and select other for a gas furnace and other for a forced air unit if you have the same problem I have. I will try and report back.