Wyze Thermostat, AC running when heat kicks

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So I am having some “issues” with the Wyze thermo. Old thermo seemed to run correctly, heat on heat, ac on ac. Now with the Wyze, it runs the ac in conjunction with the heat. There still is heat coming but I just wanted to make sure I did not mess anything up. Quick reading is telling me I have a heat pump? Just wanted to verify that it is wired up correctly since this never happened before. I did use the C-Adapter per the app’s instruction. The only odd thing I noticed is there was a C wire on the furnace and two wires both on the Y terminal. I put both Y cables from the furnace into the C-Adapter. Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

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there’s your problem… on the Y terminal, one wire went to the thermostat, the other went to the outside AC condenser, you needed to leave the condenser wire on the Y terminal, and only move the thermostat Y wire to the C adapter. Put the condenser Y wire back on the terminal & that will fix the issue.

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Thanks so much for the reply! I will give this a shot after work today.

Obligatory diagram.
2021-01-02 - 19.46.36 ~ Cropped Capture

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Thanks so much! That fixed the issue :slight_smile: you saved our electric bill and possibly AC unit haha :slight_smile: