Wyze Thermostat Trouble Shooting

Received the new Wyse Thermostat - No problems installing. When the heat is one the AC is also on at the same time? Any ideas?

Ha, that’s a big problem. Send us a pic of how you wired it

Hmm make sure Y and W aren’t exposed and touching somehow. Do you have a pic of the c wire adapter

The blue wire on the panel goes to the AC compressor outside. The second wire form the compressor is wired directly to Y outside the furnace. After trouble shooting multiple configurations. I am convinced the thermostat is energizing the Y and W for heat. Is there a setup when picking the the wires during set up that may isolate Y and W? At this time I have pulled the Blue wire from C to keep the compressor off.

your wire out from c wire adaptor showing Y is Yellow wire yet at thermostat it is a Red wire. photo issue? or there is a chsnge in between? you need to trace.

Old House with a new furnace - the wires are spliced just outside the unit to reuse. I first stated tracing all the wires back thinking they were crossed. In testing also - Pulled the Y from the Tstat - No AC. Pulled the W from the Stat - No heat. Pulled the G - No power to the Tstat.

The G wire gets turned into the C wire with the adapter? On the furnace I would try and move the white c wire to the other side of the terminal so that its not touching the blue wire. Other than that double check your connections are solid. In the pick of the wyze thermostat the white wire isnt properly connected. The little tab is in the open position.

pic at outside splices needed.

Sorry for the delay - I was leaving town right after Christmas and rigged the thermostat to work on heat only. - I was like kid in the candy store on Christmas eve and wanted to hook this thermostat up, Especially after have the entire furnace and AC replaced a year earlier.

My situation with the AC and Heat coming on at the same time came down to really old wiring and multiple splices over 50+ years . My house originally only had heat and an attic fan for A/C in the 1950’s. I decided when I got back I would just run new wiring. Bought 5 strand thermostat wire and tied it to one of the old wires in the wall at the Tstat. Went in to the basement and wished for the best that the wires would not get stuck or break in the wall pulling it down. In the end it it worked . I was running up and down the stairs pulling each way when I felt the wire getting stuck on something.

Ran the new wiring straight to the furnace and reprogramed the thermostat WITHOUT the C adapter.


Seriously thank you for the support and guiding me to focus on the wiring.

Your problem was likely caused by there not being a second Y wire at your furnace for the A/C unit. it was probably spliced in partway through the thermostat run, which means when the wyze signaled the Y wire to fire the fan, it also powered the A/C unit outdoors. I’m glad you got it fixed by replacing the wiring :slight_smile:

You are correct when I was tracing the wires… In addition, the old door bell transformer was also being used to power the prior thermostat. I guess they figured it was cheaper than running new wires. If it wasn’t for YouTube videos and basic wiring diagrams on the web, I would have had to call in an HVAC tech that would have probably ran new wiring also. Spent a ton of time trying to figure this out but in the end it saved me $$$.