Wyze Thermostat -Chris

Hey guys, I just got back from a trip to Colorado and went to setup my Thermostat and it was going good until I didn’t have a “C” wire on my old thermostat. But I did have a blue wire that wasn’t spliced.

Anyways I go thru the whole setup and I was told I had to many wires going to my Wyze thermostat and I needed to remove them. I didn’t have any of the wires it said I had in there. So after trying a few retries I decided to just skip. Boom my thermostat was on great now comes the time to check stage 1 heating and cooling. At first heating work then I tried cooling. That’s when all hell broke loose.

My Wyze thermostat starts clicking and I was like I for the night I will put my old thermostat on tonight and just use ac if needed. A/C doesn’t work with old thermostat I check all breakers inside outside unit checked in the attic the breakers in the air handler and fuse at control board. No A/C working.

So I rechecked everything and decide I will put my Wyze thermostat on again and see if it will work now my thermostat just turns on and clicks and resets into a long recurring start up, click, power off. Over and over. Please help out.

This is how I have it setup now.


Show pictures of furnace and a/c

When I checked the voltage of the wires they read at least 24 I believe it was 27.
When I checke

I see a red wire, a green wire, and a yellow wire, Do you have a picture of the blue thermostat wire, and specifically what it is wirenutted to?

What device is on the other end of the red and white thermostat wire that is connected in between the 2 blue wires?

I can’t actually see if just runs into other wires and splits off to other areas and just keeps going.

The wires on the right are coming from the control board and the ones on the left I believe are the thermostat wires which and going they my duct board.

Not there, this brown thermostat wire here- it goes off to somewhere else inside your unit.

It goes to underneath and back to me then spilts off into other wires and I believe it is going to a light.

That image shows that the blue and yellow wires are connected to the same wire if that’s the case then you’d need to run another wire directly from the thick blue wire in the furnace to the thin blue wire that runs to your thermostat, leaving the Yellow wire connected to the blue wire that runs to the control board. Most likely the wires running off that i marked in the other post is going to your AC Compressor.

Here’s the typical wiring:

Here’s your wiring ( I think) :

Basically, you need to leave the Y wire from the thermostat and blue wire leading back to the furnace wirenutted, and take the blue wire from C and attach it back to C in the furnace control, so it looks like this: