Thermostat not cooling

Hi my Wyze thermostat does not offer me any cooling options, the fan would not turn on as well. During setup it had detected additional wires that I had not connected so I skipped after a couple of retries.

I will attach Wyze Thermostat wiring pic (please ignore my labels), pics of the old thermostat and the wiring in the control board.

The blue wire seems to be c wire since it has 26 volts with respect to red wire.

the Y1 terminal needs to be wired for AC control. I see on your control board you have 2 wires on Y/Y2, I suspect once of them run out to your outside condenser, do you know where the other runs?

@speadie may be able to recommend a solution

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Thank you. It appears that the blue wire at thermostat is actually connected to y on the control board. Pic attached, I will try and reset the thermostat and post back. Please feel free to let me know otherwise meanwhile if that is not the best step.

Ahh, nice. Yeah, reset & delete from app & start over, wiring the blue wire to Y. Just know you’ll need to install the C wire adapter unless you have a spare wire to use a C.

There is a good news and a bad news.

Everything seems to work except for the temperature display. It shows its 32 degrees (F), which is by a big margin incorrect in either unit. :slightly_frowning_face: It has been that way for half an hour now.

Looks like it is time to replace the unit.

Thank you for your useful help anyways.