Wyze Thermostat not cooling!

My Wyze thermostat is not cooling the house. These are the wires I have running on our old Honeywell!

Our HVAC wires

Looks like you have to use the C-adapter, unless you have an unused wire that goes from the air handler to the thermostat. Do you have pictures of the Wyze thermostat and its connections to the C-adapter and from the adapter to the air handler?

These are the wires I have connected on the thermostat unit

You are going to blow a fuse if you do that.
You need to use the top wire labels from your old thermostat.
Green> G

You will need to hook up the C adapter on the furnace side. Is there a yellow thermostat wire somewhere in your furnace, maybe connected to the other side of the float switch that is that black wire that is connected to Y?

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