Thermostat not cooling. Help please

So mine is working on heat but it will not kick over to cool. Any suggestions? Any help is appreciated. Here is how my old thermostat was wired.


How is your Wyze Thermostat wired?

It would be nice to have a picture of the furnace board wires also.

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I hope this helps

The C-Wire adapter should be wired at the unit, you need the Common wired to the Adapter, then the G to the thermostat becomes the C wire to power the thermostat. Where you currently have it wired will not work as you’re still missing the C wire.

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Thank you! Gonna try this now

In MY experience, having the same wires you have, that Y2 is supposed to be in Y1.

Within your Blower housing is where the thermostat wires go into the screw part of the C adapter.

That or you can run a new 5 wire low voltage wire which will have the blue C. HD sells the wire for less than $1 per foot.