Wyze thermostat heat works no ac

Thermostat works heat but ac wont kick on at all confusion with y and c wire

Blue wire goes to y 1 on therm side
When i move y1 to c on wyze it will boot and run heat no ac tho.

Im thinking i need to do this, but is there an extra wire at c?

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There is no C Wire connected to the old thermostat so you most likely will need to install the thermostat and do the setup with the C Wire Adapter installed.

The screenshot you posted is an @speadie illustration. I tagged them here so you should see a post in from them soon.

Do you also have photos of the wiring when you hooked up the Wyze Thermostat? Did you install the C Wire Adapter?

The wires comming in from ac the red wire is spliced to blue and goes to y1 on therm. The white wire goes to c on furnace no pics of wyze install, i put r to rc w1 to w1 g to g and the blue wire that went to y1 on c heat works but not a peep from ac

what does your current furnace wiring look like? each of my diagrams are made specifically for the person requesting them, with their wire colors laid out in the diagram for ease of connection, in your case, the blue wire should not go to C, but I need to see how you wired it in order to tell you how to wire it properly. You will need the C adapter puck that came with your wyze.


I have put the old one back to run the ac so right now is a fresh install. When i had wize connected i put the blue wire in y1 in c and the heat worked no ac at all when i put blue wire in y on wyze nothing happens at all


Ill give this a try and report back thanks for your help.

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This is definitely the solution thanks again for your help, this was on and old singer furnace