A/c not kicking on with wyze thermostat

I am having trouble with wyze thermostat not kicking on my a/c compressor. Any help is appreciated. Here is the before and after pics.

Where do these wires go?

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That goes to the water pump for the condensation. I have a basement so the condensation gets pumped up and out. It loops to that pump and then comes back on red.

I tried taking better pics with the wires seperated a little.

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Ok. Can you check in your wall behind your thermostat for a blue or brown wire? If you have one there, it’s likely you can eliminate the C adapter, which should clear up any c-adapter related issues.

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Hey i do have a blue and brown wire can you let me know the schematic for the whole system i can follow the wires i just dont know which one leads to what on the thermo to the furnace.

First, reset your wyze thermostat and remove it from your app.

If you see this blue wire that’s not currently going anywhere

With the power to the furnace off,

Remove the c adapter wires from the furnace terminals.

Take the blue wire shown above, strip a bit of insulation off the end and connect it to C on your furnace, making sure the white wire that is already connected to C stays there. Then take the blue wire that’s in the wall behind your thermostat and connect it to C on your wyze.

Take the green wire out of the C adapter and connect it to G on your furnace, and connect the green wire to G on your wyze.

Take the red wire that’s in the C adapter and connect it to R on your furnace.

Take the Yellow wire that’s in the C adapter and connect it to Y on your furnace, making sure that the other red Y wire that is currently there stays there.

Next, take the white wire out of the c adapter and put it into W on your furnace.

Last, turn the power to the furnace back on, and setup the wyze thermostat, telling it your “old thermostat” has the following wires: G, C, W, R, Y

Worked perfectly thank you!!! I also as a sode note hadnt realize the shutoffs outside were not directed right so the c adaptor would have worked but the c wire is better anyways to get rid of one extra point of failure so i did as you stated. Thanks for your help!!

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