Wyze thermostat wiring confusion

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I had a question that I’m sure you guys have an answer for.

I wired in the Wyze thermostat and it powered up just fine. I went through the testing process and heat/cool turned on but the compressor outside isn’t kicking on.

I attached a photo of what I think the issue is.

The y terminal inside the unit has a yellow and red wire together. When I use the adapter I only connect the yellow and tape off the red. Should I be keeping them both together like it originally was?

Any info is appreciated.


The red Y wire should stay where it is in this picture, on the furnace board. the white C wire that is on the furnace board should stay in the same spot as well.


Hey Speadie,

So leave the red y wire and the white c wire as is?
I will Connect everything into the adapter as labeled but the wires coming from the adapter do I leave the y and c wire disconnected from the furnace board or do I connect them in addition to the ones I’m leaving as you mentioned?

Hopefully I’m making sense and not confusing you.

I appreciate the help so much.

Thanks :pray:

Y and C on the furnace should have 2 wires connected to each of them. one of the wires comes from the C adapter, the other goes to your air conditioner (red and white).

The C adapter should only have the wires that go to the thermostat connected to its terminals.


Ok sounds good. I will give it a shot and report back.

Thanks for taking the time.

Have a good night.

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