Thermostat Wiring Check- Worked at first, now nothing

Old thermostat and labeled wires, original furnace wiring, first Wyze t-stat wiring attempt along with furnace requiring with c adapter pictured (only 1 photo for new users???)

Everything worked as shown, I set up the device and ran the tests and everything came back ok. I left for the day and when I came back, it was off. App says it ran for almost 4 hours and I have no idea why it stopped. I’ve been trying everything, wiring and rewiring at both the t-stay and control panel, trying with and without the adapter. I have G, Y, W, Rh, Rc at the thermostat but G, Y, W, R, C on the control panel and the Y and W are wired together (as shown). I’ve been googling but I can’t find anything online to help me. If anyone could lend some expertise, I would be very appreciative (my house is too cold!).


Disconnect the W wire from the adapter’s terminal strip and put it back on the Y terminal with the wyze adapter Y lead where you removed it from. Do you have another furnace somewhere where the W and Rh wires are coming from? You might have backfed power from the Rc transformer into it by crossing the wiring that way.

Hi, I do not have another furnace, just what you see in pictures. I tried disconnecting the w wire from the c adapter and putting it directly on the y terminal as it was, but it didnt work. I also tried putting the w wire back into the c adapter and using the c adapters w wire on the y terminal with the c adapters y wire, but nothing turned on then as well. Let me know if I’m misunderstanding your response or if anyone else has an idea that could help!

The white wire is not W1. you mislabeled it. it is the Y wire from the outdoor air compressor. you can see it on the terminal strip labeled Y in this image:

There is nothing attached to the W terminal in that image
Where does the W1 wire come from on your thermostat? That’s where you need to put the adapter’s W wire. Unfortunately, you might have blown fuses in things when you connected the A/C compressor to the W terminal. You have a wire splice somewhere, your wires in the air handler are different colors than they are at the thermostat, so you’ll need to find that splice and make sure you have the wires labeled correctly.

Please show a wide angle shot of the air handler so that I can see better where all the wires go,

The label stickers were misplaced by my son when I opened the Wyze box, so where you see Y1, W1, I only intended it to be Y or W. The white and yellow wires at the furnace are connected to the W and Y terminal on the old thermostat, which is why I labeled them as such. I will attach the splices done outside the box, changes in wire coloring go G (Green to Pink), R (R is Orange at the furnace to Rc (Red) at the t-stat) and C (C is Red at furnace to Rh (Orange) at t stat). At this point I may just call an HVAC person to come out, maybe he can just scrap whatever set up I currently have and run new wires and get the wyze up and running,


I just realized another comment you made, the Y wire and the W wire (labeled as such on the t stat) are BOTH connected to the Y terminal on the furnace. The picture I included in the original post shows the yellow wire sneaking behind the green to attach to the Y terminal. Your close up picture crops most of it out.

Right. the wire you have labeled as W at the furnace is NOT the W wire. It is the return path to Y from the AC compressor. See how it’s coming out of the wire bundle with only a red and white wire? that means it’s going to the A/C compressor to turn it on when Y is called by the thermostat. It also means that you do not have separate Rc and Rh transformers.

Where are the red and white wires that come from this bundle of wires with the green, red and orange wires?

Please, I need to see the whole image at your furnace, not all these little cropped closeups.

I apologize, my original post shows much larger pictures on my end. I appreciate your patience and help with this so much! I hope the attached might give you what you need? Just fyi, the blue wire doesn’t go anywhere, it just wraps around the bundle by the spliced wires in pic 1 and then again at the other end (you can see in the rest of the pics, but 5 might be the clearest shot).

So if its not actually the W wire, why would it be connected to W on my old t-stat? And if I do not have separate Rc and Rh, should I rename these wires when I’m telling Wyze which wires I have?

Ok, that makes things a lot more clear.

There are 2 sets of red and white wires. the 2 that you have labeled C and W1 are not the ones that go back to your thermostat. They go to your outdoor A/C unit to turn it on when your thermostat calls for cooling.

The other set of red and white wires goes to your oil burner. that is Rh and W1.

I made a diagram. You will need to extend the W ribbon cable with some thermostat wire - it won’t be able to reach both the fan control and the oil burner. Alternatively, you could just disconnect the W wire in the ribbon cable and cap it off, as it’s not actually used for anything in the C adapter. In this case you would leave the red and white wires from the oil burner where they are and only connect the G, R, Y, and C wires on the adapter, moving the green wire to the G terminal, the orange wire to the R terminals, and the yellow wire to the Y terminal.

Wow, this is amazing! I will try both of your suggestions and get back to you as soon as I can. Should I tell the wyze app on setup that I just have W G R Y?

No, tell it you have Rh, W, Rc, Y, G. It should have you use the C adapter in the way I have specified. The adapter only includes W so that all of your wires are in one place, In your case it would probably be a lot simpler to only connect Y, Rc, and G to it. and connect its wires to Y, Rc, G, and C, like this diagram shows.