Thermostat missing Y wire. A/C disconnected

I Have gas furnance forced air and the A/C sits on top of the furnance unit. The A/C coils have been removed so I no longer have working central air. My old thermostat has W jumper Rh-RC G Y. My furnace has R Y G W. I used the C that came with my wyze thermostat and now my furnace has 5 wires instead of just 4. When I get to the wire testing on the Wyze thermostat it says missing wire Y1. I followed the instal directions & attached G to C in thermostat. Deleted reset thermostat from app 5 times. Rechecked furnace multiple times connected correctly. Still missing wire Y1 and also will not blow heat. Only getting cold air. Anyone know how to fix this? Yes all says heating to 67 from starting heat of 65 but no heat running 45mins no heat just cold air.

Your labeling on the control board doesn’t look right. The 2nd terminal down is the C terminal but you have it labeled W. Also, the blue Y wire isn’t connected to the control board. If your AC is disconnected, and the blue wire is not connected to anything, then I would use that blue wire as the C wire and remove the adapter.

Add a picture of the control board as it is now

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You got your wires mixed up at the furnace
I’ve labeled them properly here in red
Tell your wyze that you do not have a Y wire, and connect your Blue wire to the terminal marked C in my image. The wire there right now goes to your A/C unit, and so if your a/c is out, you don’t need it.

Ya the furnace I forgot to mark common. I fixed the thermostat it has nothing to do with the furnace markings.

My Y wire is Blue in my old thermostat and was NOT connected to a terminal at the furnace. The front door bell was connected at furnace instead.

I just needed to connect the blue Y at the furnace. It is working properly now.