Thermostat wont turn on AC

I need help, My Wyze thermostat worked fine for heat but now that i want AC, it wont turn on. I have a C wire and not using the C ware adaptor. My old thermo had wired in W,Y,G and RH with a jumper in RC. Wyze dont use jumpers so what do i put in RC? Thanks.

Got pic of your Wyze wiring?
At furnace board?
What kind of system ?
Gas, oil, 1or2 stage A/C or Heat pump?

At Wyze U use Rc instead of Rh to power system.

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Here is the wires to my furnace. I now know i cant use a 24vt adaptor with Wyze so i am looking into using the C-Wire adaptor. can i use the c-wire adaptor in my situation? I have jumpers from W1 to W2 on my furnace. My old thermo had wires to W, Y, RH w/jumper to RC and G.

U can use c-wire adaptor.
Any extra unused thermostat wires ?
How is your wyze wired? Puc before and after.

Did U check AC circuit breaker?

as of right now i took the wyze thermo off to check which wires are available and if they match the furnace end. I did connect the the correct wires to turn the AC on so i know the AC is working. I did see a C wire connection on the furnace that i assume the condenser is connected to. Can i connect a spare wire to that and not have to use the C wire adaptor?

You adf a spare thermostat wire (105C rsting) from furnace to your thermostat and connect to C. Yes with extra wires, you can config Without Wyze adaptor.
Hardware store will have thermostat wire by the foot.

Always doubt check if it is C.
And power off furnace when working on connections.

thanks! I will try this later today.

AC is now working. one challenge is the thermostat wire at my furnace was a 5 wire and the other end is a 4wire. Not sure why that is but i hooked up the C-wire adaptor and everything seems ok. I didnt test the heater though but I will do that later. thanks for your help.