No AC with Wyze Thermostat

I have installed the wyze thermostat and was never able to test the AC part because I assumed it was too cold and the heat was working fine.

I have 4 wires. original thermostat G W Y Rh-with jump to Rc. Original Furnace Y connected to C, W connected to W, R connected to R and G connected to G.

Based on wyze instructions I done the following Wyze Therm R to Rc, W to W1, Y to Y1 and G to C
Furnace now…Using C wire adapter (adapter connected to corresponding letter. Cwire adapter connected as such R-R W-W Y-Y G-G.

My old thermostat used two AA batteries, not sure if that means someone changed something on furnace. I put the old thermostat back on and AC kicks on fine, Now when on AC only the fan blows, compressor never kicks on.

Please help

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Need pictures of your C-wire adapter hookup.

Two are before. 3 are after

The wire you have labeled at your air handler as Y is not Y, it is the C return path for your compressor. I need a wider view of the air handler area to see the right wires to use.

Yes in the original install the Y from Thermostat goes to C on air handler. All I did was follow the Wyze instructions as to how to label them for this install. How should my c-wire adapter be connected? Or for that matter the adapters 5 wires to the air handler?

Here is a whole pic of the board. Let me know what you need a closer look at

I need to see all the wires inside the air handler, not the board… The wire you labeled as Y is not the wire that is labeled as Y on your thermostat. It may look like that wire, but that’s not what it is. you should not move it from where it is on your furnace and connect it to Y on the adapter unless you want your ac to not work.

Specifically, I want to see this wire bundle and where the wires from it go. (The wire behind the thermostat wires)

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Nothing out of the ordinary. It just the end of the 4wire from the thermostat, covered in hair and dust bunnies and webs. All clean now.

That was an original picture from before I cleaned and untangled it. Nothing ever disconnected other than the ends in discussion

That’s not good, What that tells me is that your wires do not make a direct path from your thermostat to your air handler, instead they run through the outdoor A/C unit. You will need to re run new thermostat wire from the furnace to the splice point.
Here’s what you currently have,

Here’s what you need:

The 4 wires at the air handler are the same exact wires from the thermostat. Blue is labeled Y at both ends and yellow/old white is labeled B at both end and green is G and R is red

I mean yellow is labeled W

Ah hah. Just found this. White and red wire split into it. Therm side Blue (Y) attached to red and air handler side blue (Y) attached to white

Yep, that’s the problem.Red needs to be connected to Y in the furnace. White needs to be connected to C in the furnace. Blue should be connected to blue. You need to run an additional 2 wires from your furnace to those red and white wires to fix it.

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So you’re saying leave what I have as it is. Just add two additional wires to that split? Isn’t that going to short something seeing as they are already connected

Or removing the split all together?

No. disconnect the red and white wires from the blue wires and connect the blue wires to each other.
Then you connect an extension wire to the red and white wires and connect them to the correct terminals on the furnace board, not the C adapter.

Easy enough. I’ll have to find or pick up some wire. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks

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Am I going to have to tell the Wyze I’ve changed anything?

No, although you should turn off the power to the furnace before you do anything with the wires.