Wyze Thermostat Clicking and not turning on

Hi, having troubles getting my thermostat to work. I keep getting clicking after following setup.

Also note, my control board (picture attached) seems to be different. Not sure if I’m needing a different one for my HVAC system to get this to work or not. Thanks in advance for the help.

show your furnace and thermostat wiring.

need to see this area of the furnace.

Here is a picture of the thermostat wiring I will get the other picture.

Here is the wiring you requested

Do you have a heat pump?


That blue wire doesn’t appear to be connected to anything in the air handler,
Can you turn the power off and pull the wires apart a bit, so that I can see them better and take another picture? leave all wire nuts connected, but spread the wires out a bit so I can see each wire nut and the 2 different thermostat cables.

I specifically need to see the end of the blue wire that comes from the bundle that this green wire comes from

I also need to see the end of the large brown wire - it looks like it might be connected to these black wires?

Here ya go

Black wires are not connected to anything.

When you hooked up the wyze, did you connect this blue wire to your C terminal in your wyze?

If so, turn off the power to your air handler, find the end of this blue wire:
strip a bit of insulation off the end to expose the wire, and connect it to this wire nut, leaving the wires that are already there in place.

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That did it! Thank you for the troubleshooting.