Wyze thermostat clicking/not turning on

I ordered a thermostat a little while ago and figured I was handy enough to get it installed. I don’t think I am though.

The set up is an air handler in my basement apartment that I use for Airbnb. Currently, the old thermostat was wired up with 6 wires. These are the O (orange wire),B (black wire) ,Y (yellow),G (green), R (red wire) and a W/ aux (white wire). The R and RC and jumped with a staple. When I first installed the thermostat I follow the Wyze instructions and added the black wire to the C terminal. That caused the unit to make a consistent clicking sound and not boot up.

However, there are also a blue wire and a brown wire in the bundle. When I swapped the black out for the blue wire the device turned on and started to run, but it created a new problem. It wasn’t producing much if any heat or AC. To make matters worse I have no idea what I am looking at in the air handler.

Picture attached. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Randomly switching wires is definitely NOT recommended. Can you post a picture of the furnace control board as well? That may help our users identify any possible solutions. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you have a heat pump with separate O and B wires. The wyze doesn’t support this configuration.

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