Wyze thermostat not heating right. Is the W2 or w1

Just installed my wyze thermostat. I have a heat pump with aux heat straps. The app during install told me 2 put the wire that was on w2 on my old thermostat onto the w1 on the wyze. Is this correct? It feels like my heart isn’t working all that well.

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I’m pretty sure that if you have only one W wire, you can connect the wire to the W1 terminal sense there is only one wire for heat and not 2. I will tag in @Brian who is a knowledgeable user in this area and @WyzeChuan, a Wyze employee and HVAC expert.

Welcome to the Community @Elijah.gore.ii!

The app sounds correct, W2 on your old thermostat may have used your reversing valve wire on W1 and backup/emergency heat strips on W2. The Wyze Thermostat uses Y+O for A/C and Y for Heat on the Heat Pump. Then W1 for your heat strips. Do you have a photo of your wiring? What Brand/Model was your old thermostat?

Thanks for the help guys. The original thermo stat did not have a wire on w or w1. It was a hunter 44379 thermostat. I have included a picture of my original wiring.

Thanks for the picture, I see what you mean. That is correct, W2 will go to W1 on the new thermostat.

also when will the room sensors be available for order.

I’m hoping early 2021 :crossed_fingers:

I have a similar concern. My old thermostat used the orange wire for O/B and W and the white wire went in W2. On Wyze I was told to put the white wire in W1 since O/B is not combined with W. I want to make sure it’s hooked up correctly since I would rather it not use the heat strips so much.

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I have a similar issue. Picture of original wiring is attached.
With the old thermostat, I could tell when AUX was on. Wyze has a Heat 1 and Heat 2. When Wyze it tries to raise the temperature, it runs for 30 minutes in Heat 1 which doesn’t heat anything - it seems to be a fan only? Then Heat 2 engages. I can tell when this happens because the sound is much louder as the air is much more forceful as I’m used to from my old thermostat and the temperature starts to change.
What is Heat 1 and why is it running? Is it using AUX because I’d rather it not. It doesn’t seem to be efficient running Heat 1 before Heat 2… but I’m no expert on HVAC. Advice would be appreciated.

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Can someone reply to this i have same Thermostat and i am having same issues… AC or working but Heatpump is not coming on at all…

Did you Shipoffools, Ever get your heat pump to work?

You have a heat pump, are you looking at the terminals on the bottom of thermostat? Where orange is going is the O terminal, where white is going is the auxiliary/emergency heat terminal. White will go to W1 on the Wyze stat.

Just chiming in with a similar issue. OLD W2 to WYZE W1. when running the system test, it tests heat (passing) and then when going to Stage 2 the relay clicks and goes right to the cool test (passing).

Thanks @Brian
I was looking at the labels at the top, behind the wires… conventional. PXL_20201220_191944145|375x500

Here is how I attached them. So, I need to switch the orange and white wires?

Orange to O and white to W1. Then redo the setup process.

Those thermostats can be used with heat pump or conventional.

Okay so i have my White on W1 and my Orange on O/B but i am not getting a Heat pump to kick on?

Did you re-run the set up and verify that the wires are showing in the app?

How do you do this?

I completer removed the thermostat and reconnected it… lets see

Its saying im missing W1 & W2, Why White wire is in W1?