Wyze Thermostat Problem - Heat and Air are mixed up using recommended wiring

Just installed my Wyze Thermostat today. Only issue so far is that the heat and the air are reversed. I used the recommended wiring configuration. Probably just need to reverse 2 wires but not sure which ones. HELP!![IMG_1730|375x500] This was my current wiring config. (upload://tqKlUkmPKRU3n45VOIl0aTflOBV.jpeg)


my guess is your y and w wires need swapped. y turns on the a/c, w heat

well, that is what i thought too but when i swapped them, the outside unit did not come on for the heat.

I definitely need support to help on this issue. My original thermostat was working correctly and the Wyze thermostat is turning the Air Conditioning when the test is calling for heat.

In your thermostat Settings > Advanced tap on Swap Hot/Cold. This should fix your issue.


This seems to have enabled the heat to work. I’ll do further testing tomorrow to see if the air conditioning will work. Thanks for your suggestion!

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Where is the setting. I don’t have it under setting/advance. Am I missing an update

it is called “Swap heat and cool” , one up from the bottom under settings/advanced.

my device info under settings says firmware version 1.1.1.

My settings do not have this function and may system has the update

Is your heat system a heat pump? Possibly that could be the difference.

Thanks for the input. I believe it has a heat pump but I should have the same advance setting. This is very frustrating. Is support weighing in on this issue. I have been without heat since Monday and need to find a resolution. Should I delete the thermostat and reinstall.

I ended up deleting mine several times thinking that would help. I rewired it just to make sure it was correct. You may need to do a reset on the thermostat also by holding in the big button until it comes up and asks if you want to reset.

Hi @joebruhn I would restart the entire process. Reset the thermostat by pressing and holding until reset pops up. Delete from device.

Maybe the device isn’t giving the hot/cool swap because it wasn’t setup as heat pump. I had this issue with hot/cool swap. I had to re setup the process, during the setup it asked “is this a heat pump?” And then it worked right.

I appreciate all the comments and assistance. I reset and also deleted the device thermostat. No change. Still blow hot when cold and cold when heat is on. Also I still don’t have the swap option in my advance settings. It only asked me if my heat was electric, gas, etc. I’m at a loss

I had the same issue when installing mine. Installed all wires as advised by app and during testing there was cold air coming out when it said heat and hot air when cold. I went into the setting and selected to switch the heat and cool and everything is working great now.

My setup did not ask if it was a heat pump. It asked the power source (electric) and if forced air or radiator. I tested both heat and air conditioning both are now working since selecting “swap heat and cool”.

I don’t have this setting. This would surely fix the issue. How can I get this setting into my thermostat

it is only for heat pumps.
do you have a heat pump?

Joe, should be in the Wyze app in the thermostat device