Only getting heat with Wyze thermostat & no "swap heat & AC" toggle available in the app

I am having some trouble getting the Wyze thermostat properly setup and wired.

When Wyze is asking which wires I have in the app, I am selecting


Attached photos of the thermostat wiring - this should be a fairly simple setup, but I am only able to get heat out of the system for some reason.

I had two of these setup previously with no issues at all, so clearly I am missing something here. I do not see the “swap heat &AC” option in the Wyze app for some reason.

Any help would be much appreciated !

I know @speadie is the resident expert on the Thermostats. :slight_smile:

However, if you have a Heat pump then the W2 is actually the O/B Connector. Do you know if you have a Heat Pump or is it a Conventional HVAC System.

Based on your expectation of the “Swap Heat & AC” option implies it is a Heat pump and you may only need to move the Orange Wire to the O/B connection. Also, you may need to set it up again and indicate you have a Heat Pump.

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EDIT: Looks like Y fell out of its port…I have just replaced it firmly, and will try again.

I honestly do not know 100% for sure. We are renting this property. I know there is a blower in the attic, and a condenser unit outside. I believe we have a heat pump, as it can get cold here in Texas in the winter months. I also believe we have electric strips for AUX heat.

Alos, I just realized that Y had fallen out of its connector, and looks like it’s plugged into G which is not correct. I just fixed it and am about to try again.

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This worked !!! I told the Wyze app that I had O/B INSTEAD of W2, and placed the Wie that was previously in W2, into O/B…and presto, problem solved! Thanks so much for the tip.

I would have NEVER figured this out, as the app is asking if you have W2, and my thermostat plate only indicated W2/O … so I kept trying to select W2 in the app, then adding O…or only selecting W2 in the app. This literally would have never worked per the setup guide. I realize there are so many variants of models, wiring, etc…so no complaint there, just very confusing !

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