Another wyze thermostat question with heat pump

So, I have an older system that does not have the emergency heat.

my wires are B , G ,Y, W and R

on my old thermostat the y/w had a jumper as according to Honeywell you are supposed to do when no backup heat is there.

I also have a jumper on r/RC. any help would be appreciated.


You don’t need any jumpers, but you will need a common C wire. I see a few wires wrapped up behind the thermostat that could provide C. If you can show pictures of your air handler wiring, I can show you where to attach the other end.

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yup. I had to order a c wire adapter to get it working. but now i’m heat/cool abckwards… working on that now. reading that the wires need to go on bottom row but the instructions in app didn’t say that. lol Waiting fro firmware update before I can move the wires.

Your wires only have one set of labels on them, so your b wire should already be in b/o
Just go to the advanced settings in the app and select swap heat and cool.

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Thanks, I did all the changes and I get AC, but I do not get heat… the fan runs just no hot air. Is it because I was jumping yellow and white before and now I am not?

you were jumping yellow and white because your old thermostat needed that to turn on the compressor for the heat pump. you did tell wyze that you have a heat pump, correct? can you take a picture of your Wyze wiring?

I had not been jumping y/w but I did jump it last night which got the heat to work. but the thermostat was doing all kinds of weird things. It would one minute say it was 72 and the next 62 in the house, kick on the heat and then say it was 75. So I pulled it out last night and put my old thermostat back in.