Thermostat help!

Does anyone know how we can use the wyze thermostat? There’s a jumper wire from the R to the RC

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It seems like your wiring is compatible with the Wyze Thermostat. Watch the video below and follow the instructions on how to install the Wyze Thermostat. Alternatively, in the Wyze app, when you add Wyze Thermostat, it will give you a step by step walkthrough on the installation. Either instructions will tell you that the jumper will not be needed anymore, and R should go to Rc terminal in your Wyze Thermostat.

Also, given you already have a C-wire, you can ignore the need the C-wire adapter part on the video. The adapter is only required if you don’t see one within your current thermostat.

Good luck!

If that’s attached to a heat pump (the orange wire makes me think it probably is), make sure you use the lower set of labels on your old thermostat for telling wyze what wires you have.

Connected the R to RC. I don’t have a heat pump, so orange went to w. Set the air to 65 and it’s not feeling like it blowing cold air.
Temp is 75 lord help.

Did you use the “Test” feature and walk thru each stage of heat and cool, step by step? What gets activated, and which ones don’t?

It will blow only warm air.

Provide pic of Wyze wiring and control board?

Yes I just took it all apart and put the old Honeywell back on it’s burning up in the house. It was not recognizing the w2 from what the app was saying so took the wire out shoved it down more so the clip was flat still wouldn’t cool down. Just the fan was blowing.

W1 and W2 are both for heat, stage 1 and 2. The Y1 is for cool. Is old therm cooling? We’re you able to skip the W2 message and test the Y1 cool? Or bypass the test altogether and manually test heat/cool with therm?

are you 100% sure you don’t have a heat pump? because the behavior you are describing sounds like you have a heat pump.

I want to buy the wyze thermostat but when I go to purchase it after it’s in my cart, it says to pre order and that it will ship at the end of December. But we’re in January now. Does anyone know if they are in stock or on back order? Should I just buy it and not worry about it?

I “preordered” one on Dec 21 (after all real preorders were fulfilled) and received it recently. I suspect it is in stock and available until you can’t place a preorder similar to V3 Cam.

I just ordered mine and it shipped two days after purchasing. So you can expect it soon as well.