Wiring Help

Hey guys long time Wyze owner and new owner of the thermostat. Silly me got so excited when I saw I could purchase the thermostat I didn’t even check compatibility.
I ran the wires through the compatibility check and was denied. I currently have Rh and RC jumper, W, and Y.
Is there any way to troubleshoot shoot this to make it compatible?
Here’s my current setup:

Check behind your thermostat for extra wires. Also show a picture of the furnace

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Here’s the wiring in the furnace. I’ll have to check behind the thermostat for an extra wire later, but I’m pretty sure there wasn’t anything extra when I installed the current one. Thanks for the feedback though I appreciate it.

You’d need to run new wire from your furnace to your thermostat location it order for the wyze to work. You need at least 4 wires, preferably 5 in order to run both air conditioning and heat from a wyze thermostat. Where is the black wire that is connected to G going? Normally, this is connected to your thermostat.

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I’ll check it out when I get home. If I need a fourth wire would you know where I’d be connecting to?

The fourth wire would connect to C on both ends, or you could use the C wire adapter to enable fan control. If you had 5 wires, you would connect G and C from the furnace to the thermostat to enable fan control without the C-adapter.

I am having trouble with my new thermostat. I am replacing a nest thermostat with the following wiring setup.

It works just fine. I duplicated it on the Wyze and nothing. I swapped the RC to RH and it turned on but when the furnace kicked on it ran for over a half hour and the furnace was getting warm to the touch and that has never happened before.

What did I do wrong?

Do you feel air blowing from your vents when it is heating? Check your wyze app in settings>advanced for fan delay, and make sure it is set to 0 seconds.