Thermostat Wiring Questions

I have made several attempts at hooking up my Wyze thermostat to a heat pump HVAC system. Coming from the unit to the thermostat I have an R, C, Y, G, W and O/B wire. On the existing thermostat the R wire is connected to Rc with a jumper to Rh. On the Wyze terminal where do I connect my single red R wire? To Rc or Rh? Why would I not need both connected like the jumper on the old thermostat does? Also does the W wire get connected to W1 or W2? Same with the Y wire. Y1 or Y2?

I had the Wyze thermostat installed and got past the firmware update. But in the testing process I was told I was missing a wire and would not have control. Most likely because I did not have the orange O/B wire connected in the correct spot. After that further attempts to setup the unit the app told me the Wyze app could not find the thermostat even though the “WYZE” lettering was on the screen. I had removed the first install from the app. Is there something else that needs to be done to reset the thermostat?

Help please!!

What instructions does the app give? If you select all your wires and follow the app there shouldn’t be any issues. The jumper wire isn’t required.

If you only have one Y or W it goes into the Y1 or W1 terminal.

That would be the reason for the “missing wire” error. I’d suggest setting the unit up again and making sure all wire are in the correct spots by following the app.