Thermostat not compatible?

Hello, I purchased a Wyze thermostat today. I was setting it up with the app when it asked me to indicate what wires I had at the thermostat. I have an American standard two stage forced hot air system and central air. The thermostat has a wire in G, Y, W, R and Rc. When I enter these into the app it says the system is not compatible and offers no further information.

I believe it should be compatible but I don’t know what to do next. Thanks in advance for any help!!!

Do you really have a R and a Rc when all jumpers are removed? Show pictures of your current thermostat.

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This is how it is wired at the thermostat. There were no jumpers.

Do you have a picture of the furnace / blower side as well? That’s a very weird configuration. the wyze needs power from Rc and C, but the C-adapter is used with the Rh wire, so if you really have this configuration at the blower side as well, then it won’t be compatible without running a C wire from the Rc transformer to the thermostat.

Sorry this took so long, Here is the blower side.

If you gently pull the wires out of your wall at your thermostat, is there a blue or white wire in the wall somewhere?

Yes, it appears there is a blue and a white that are folded back and not attached to anything. Here is a photo of the blue wire, the white one is folded the same way on the other side.

I want you to try turning the power off to the blower, then take the blue thermostat wire that’s currently not attached to anything at the blower and stripping the insulation off the end and attaching it to the B/C terminal with the white wire.

Then take the blue wire at your thermostat and attach it to C on the wyze.

During setup, tell wyze your old thermostat has a C wire, along with the G, Y, W, R, and Rc wires.

When you power the system back on, your wyze should power up.

I notice that you have a pink and a red wire attached to R on your blower, and you have a pink and red wire on Rh and Rc at your thermostat. It looks like that might be a redundant path - one of those wires may not be needed, but without being there in person to troubleshoot, I cannot say for sure.

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Thanks for all the advice. I am a little worried about rewiring at the blower cause its just “out of my league.” If I call my installer and ask them do you think they will be able to figure this out if I show them this feed and explain the problem?

Thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciate the assistance.

They should be able to figure it out, yes.

My A/C has numbers and letters. There are no number in the compatibility checker!

This is a communicating system, unfortunately, it is not compatible with any of the third party smart thermostats that I know of. the manufacturer of the system has to approve specific thermostat models to use their protocols. You can convert most systems to use traditional wiring, but you lose the “smart” part of your system (adaptive cooling, multiple fan speeds, etc)