Thermostat not compatible?

i got this thermostat that i was told by wyze its compatibly with my system but when i run app and started to install i got stuck at the step where you identify existing circuits. none of mine match the letters in the app an i am unable to proceed.
my thermostat is batery povered and has 2 wires connected. however there are 5 wires in the conduit, 3
wires are not used. i have taken picture of how it is wired at both thermostat and and the zone valve controller end in my mechanical room. thi is radiant heat system.
any idea ow to make this work and how to proceed in app?


looks like i need R and Rc wires in addition to existing 2 that are currently used?
there seems to be 24V supply to the valve controller (red and yellow wire at the top left corner)
can i hook my R and Rc here to get power for the thermostat? i will only have wyze thermostat for zone 1, other 2 zones i am keeping the old ones for now.

You’ve got extra wires there that can be tapped into to run a R and C wires to the thermostat. but they are rather short, hopefully there’s some slack in the wall you can use.

Your zone control board probably wont be able to power more than 1 thermostat, and it might not even be capable of that, depending on the transformer, but you could also use plug in adapters to generate the Rc and C 24VAC the wyze requires to run.

Whichever one you are replacing needs 2 extra wires that go to the “IN” terminals on the side of the zone board, and those same terminals need to go to Rc and C on the wyze, with the 2 wires that are currently connected going to Rh and W1. Then tell the wyze that your old thermostat has these wires at setup: Rc, C, Rh, W1.

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I got it figured out and it seems to be working well so far.