Wyze Thermostat compatability

I was just getting started on installing my wyze thermostat. We have propane heat running through a pretty new Honeywell TH6320U208. Only the R and W wires were connected. Wyze app says the thermostat isn’t compatible. Are there any workarounds or am I out of luck?

Suggestion for the app instructions would be to not have the user take apart the current thermostat wiring until compatibility is determined.

Welcome @alexnepa !

Few questions…

  1. Is your system Heat Only? (Sounds like it with only R & W wires)
  2. If not, are you running Dual Fuel? (Heat Pump outside, Gas for backup/emergency heat)
  3. Do you have a photo of the thermostat wiring?
  4. Do you have a photo of the furnace IFC board?
  5. How many wires are in the sleeve at the thermostat?

Yep. Heat only. Two wires coming out of a single sleeve at thermostat. Not fuel fuel. Pic attached.

Unfortunately without at least 1 more wire, there is no way to power the thermostat. Do you have the ability to have a new 18/8 wire pulled from the unit to the stat?

I can definitely check with my heating guy. I know my current Honeywell is battery powered, is that the issue? thermostat needs power?

Correct, the thermostat is powered from the transformer in the furnace. Hopefully your HVAC guy can pull new wire for you.

Definitely appreciate the help. If I can get him to run that at a reasonable rate which letter would I plug that into on the unit. I’m guessing current r goes into rh, current w goes into w1…

Red to Rh, White to W, Blue to C :grin:

Brian, I have a Honeywell thermostat that I’m trying to replace. The terminal is not labeled but there are the wires connected and a bunch not. The red, white and blue wires are connected. Here is a picture I appreciate any help.

Here is the other pic.

Is that a Honeywell IAQ thermostat?

That’s a communicating thermostat that goes to an EIM at your indoor unit.

I just tried to run this wire myself 18awg wire from amazon to c on heating unit to the thermostat and I’m not getting power. This is what I bought, is it the right cable?

Southwire 55666623 Primary Wire, 16-Gauge Bulk Spool, 100-Feet, Black Amazon.com

Should be solid core copper, 18/8 ULR


Thanks so much for all the help. Just ran new wire, still no power to the thermostat. Pictures of wiring are attached.

Yes it is. I went upstairs and looked at the EIM to see which wires were connected.

Here are the pictures from the EIM.


I’ve got reason to believe my wyze thermostat is defective. Using my new wiring I plugged in the old Honeywell thermostat and everything worked. I tried the c-wire adapter provided with the wyze unit as well. Could it be defective?

Connect your red wire to Rc

The wyze is only powered from Rc. It will still give power to your heating system.
Also try to cut those wires a bit shorter, you don’t want the uninsulated part to be able to touch by accident.

especially this,

That R wire is stripped way too far back, it could easily short against the metal case, possibly destroying your furnace control board in the process.

If you can’t make the wire shorter because you dont have enough slack, at least insulate it with electric tape.