I have old Thermostats with W and RH connected to the wall and RH and RC short wired, is it compatible?

I have an old thermostats, No AC only furnace. There is only 2 wires from the wall yellow connected to W, and red to RH. and a short wire connecting RH and RC. is it compatible? - can I use wyze thermostat? - See attached image

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Unfortunately, the Wyze thermostat isn’t compatible with 2-wire systems. I have also checked your thermostat terminals in the compatibility checker and got confirmation that your current wiring isn’t compatible.

I’m unsure if there’s a way to make your current wiring compatible, but some other community members may know.

Check inside your wall for another wire. You would need at least 3 wires for the wyze to work. If you dont have another one, you’d need to use a C adapter transformer plugged into a wall socket nearby to power the wyze if you wanted to use it, unfortunately.

Goto your furnace, open the panel post a photo of the terminal that connects the wires to thermostat.

I tried to check inside the wall, it seems there is another 3 wires in the wall, i didn’t want to pull them out, green, yellow, and blue. Should i pull them out and see if its connected to anything?

See attached Pics:

Ok, Thanks, I will try to do that, I never crawled in the attic space before. will see if I can climb up there and snap a pic

Is this a boiler or a forced air furnace? Assuming you have a furnace, the 3 extra wires shouldn’t be connected to anything inside your wall, they were probably just tucked in there by the installer because they weren’t needed. You could use one of them to power the wyze, if you can connect the other end of that wire to the C terminal of your furnace.