Thermostat for Heat Pump and no swap heat and cool option in app

We installed the new Wyze thermostat using the wire instructions in the app. I have a Rheem heat pump. When I turn on the heat it blows cold air. I’ve read many discussions on here and see that I likely need to use the swap heat and cooling setting in the app, but it doesn’t show up for me. I also never got a question to answer that it was a heat pump.

Here is my old thermostat wiring:

Here is the wiring the app had me do and I followed that:

I have wired it based on the app recommendations. I spoke to Wyze customer service and no help sadly. I have deleted and set back up more times than I can count. Any help is appreciated.

Adding the second picture because it’s hard to see all the letters behind the wires and you need both to fully read the letters.

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Can you also provide a pic on how you have the Wyze TStat Wired?

Here is a Wyze Article on your issue and it does indicate swapping heat and Cool

This is a thread which talks about this issue. You may need to setp the Tstat again. When you go through the install it should ask what type of heating system you have, did you see that?

And thos

Thank you. I’ve read through these posts and I just can’t find something in them that helps with my particular set up, unless I’m just missing it from mental overload :slight_smile:

Here is the Wyze wiring:

I would check the firmware version of the TSTAT and go through the setup again by resetting the TSTAT and starting over. Did you indicate you had a Heatpump during setup? From what I read, you will not see the swap option unless it is setup for Heatpumps.

@speadie , sorry to loop you in, but was wondering if you had any insight on this. Looks like the White Wire, in the original TSTAT has a jumper to the W1 / *. I am not sure I understand what the jumper is for as I believe most Heatpumps have an Emergency Heat setting.

I checked the firmware and it says 1.1.8 and up to date. I just reset and started over again. I don’t get a place or question to specify it is a heat pump.

I only get asked “What type of fuel does W1 use?” And I select electric. Then it asks “What type of heat does W1 control?” And I answer “Other” because it only lists “Furnace/fixed air”, “radiator”, or “in floor radiant”.

On your old thermostat, was the orange O wire connected?

No it wasn’t connected at all

When you set up the wyze, as long as you told it you had a B wire it should be giving you the heat pump options. What kind of backup / supplemental heat are you using? You should be selecting electric and then furnace/forced air as what is connected to W1 if you have electric heat strips.

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That’s just a jumper to enable emergency heat without needing to run an additional wire from the thermostat to the air handler.

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That’s what I thought.

So they would leave that off then, correct?

Thanks for clarifying.

Yes, although they could put it back in if they wanted the wyze to have emergency heat capabilities.
They’d need 2 jumpers, due to the wyze only having space for 1 wire in its terminals, to split the W1 wire into 2 wire ends, one going into W1, one going into * for emergency heat.

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I do have heat strips as our back up heat, so I reset the thermostat and reinstalled the device. So this time I chose furnace/forced air.

Still no luck. Blowing cold air when I select heat and I only have these options under my advanced tab.

Try another reset, but this time, tell it your “old thermostat” has an O wire instead of a B wire. I don’t know why it’s not showing you the heat pump advanced features, but that should switch the logic of the reversing valve, if wyze’s developers programmed it properly.

That was the trick I needed! Thank you so much. Now I have heat when it says heating and cold air when it says cooling. I never got the option to appear in my app, but now that it works correctly I don’t really need the swap.

I really appreciate all the help from everyone!

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