Thermostat has heating and cooling reversed

Hi all. So I finished wiring my thermostat, and I have an hvac system two stage heating system. Unfortunately, the A/C blows hot Air and stage 1 of the Heat system blows cold air. I’ve attached a photo of how my original thermostat was wired initially. I’m wondering if I need to switch wires on the thermostat to get it to function properly.

Also, the suggestion here is pointless: Swap Heat and Cool – Wyze (

On the current iPhone version of the wyze application, this option to swap heating and cooling doesn’t exist.

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So I fixed this. I had read an article that suggested the viewer follow the “Heat Pump Setup”. It just occurred to me I should have been following the wiring on the bottom half of the plate with the description that says heat pump. Everything is working now.

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This saved me, thank you! Such a silly mistake that I’m sure many others have and will make.

Hopefully Wyze support sees this and adds this to the troubleshooting page.

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