Wyze thermostat- hot working as cold and cold working as hot

I have received wyze thermostat and installed to replace 6 wires conventional Honeywell one. The problem it has that the cold Function is working as hot and hot function working as cold. Attached is old connection and wyze suggestion.

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Go to your Thermostat Settings in the app, then Advanced, then toggle the Switch Hot/Cool. This should correct your problem.

That “Swap Heat and Cool” toggle is not on the iPhone app with firmware 1.1.1.

Did you choose “Electric” during setup? That’s the only time it will be available. It’s a Heat Pump only option.

Yes, I did.
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Is this the issue? I have it wired to the WYZE thermostat using the “conventional” wiring (circled in blue); do I need to rewire it according to the “heat pump” wiring (circled in red)?
It is currently wired this way: R → Rc, W2 → W2, W1 → W1, G → G, C → C, Y2 → Y2, & Y → Y1.

Yes, heat pump wiring.

Ok, I will rewire it and let you know.

I rewired it to the settings picture below (with * being assigned to “emergency heat”). I then saw that the “Swap Heat and Cool” option did pop up in the app after this rewiring. I turned it on, but it seems like it may not need the toggle on so I turned it back off. I have the upstairs thermostat running and it just raised from 68 to 70 degrees. So, it may be working now, but I will keep checking. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:


@Brian I woke up this morning and felt heat coming from the vent! I think it is working! :grinning:

So, to be clear, my issues were based on the Honeywell TH6220D Thermostats.

In a nutshell the solutions are: wire the WYZE thermostat using the “Heat Pump” wiring instead of “Conventional” and do not toggle on the “Swap Heat and Cool” slider.

Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 8.03.11 AMScreen Shot 2020-12-26 at 8.36.06 AM

Honeywell thermostats, like most others, can be used with conventional gas OR heat pump systems. Instead of controlling and operating between the two using software like Wyze, Ecobee, and Nest, they use two different sets of terminals.

The Swap Heat/Cool is due to some heat pumps requiring Y&O to be energized for heat and just Y for A/C while others require Y&O for A/C and just Y for heat.

Glad to hear you got it working!

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I have a similar setup:

(not pictured, but this one had a jumper wire between E and Aux)

and went through the same issue of wiring it up conventional at first. Then I used the “Heat Pump” wiring on the Honeywell panel and telling the app the white wire was E, which mapped it to * and I told the app it was emergency heat. My heat did not work after this, so I redid the whole setup but saying the white wire was Aux, which results in the setup you have in this screenshot (Aux/white wire going to W1): https://global.discourse-cdn.com/wyze/original/3X/e/5/e53cdef68f5bd69344870ae9fd64355bdd2a228d.png

And here is how it’s wired in my Wyze thermostat:

It’s confusing to me that my E and Aux were both jumped to each other, but picking different ones in the app setup leads to different wiring on the Wyze panel.

Everything seems to be working fine, but I’m scared that I might be using the emergency heat as the stage 1 heat. (my bill is already super high) It doesn’t feel super hot or smell different, but I don’t know a lot about hvac stuff to know how to tell if the emergency heat is on. How do I tell if everything is set up correctly?

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IMG_20201230_084940|690x310, 50%
IMG_20210101_103007|225x499, 75%

Hi I have same issue my heat option not working. Here are my setting…I have electric heat and AC…thanks in advance…

As a general rule, if your W1 wire is orange, it’s actually an O wire and you have a heat pump.

The W wire is pushed all the way in, You might need to strip a bit more insulation off of it in order to make good contact.

This helped me fix my thermostat the one thing I did do was delete and re-setup the Thermostat in the app after fixing the wiring like coletrane_mtb has setup. After that Heat worked and Cool during test. Since I did not delete and re-setup thermostat was still trying to use previous wiring diagram. Was able to get the Swap feature I was missing in the app after that.

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