Swap Heat and Cool is missing from settings

During testing and when manually setting the thermostat, Cool Stage 1 produces heat instead of a/c. The forums and help desk reference a “Swap Heat and Cool” setting in the settings section of the app, but it’s not there. Did this get deleted?

Using the Wyze app version 2.17.7 from the Google Play store.

Do you have a heat pump?
The only way you will have swap hot and cool is if you have a heat pump.
Show your wyze wiring and your old thermostat wiring, please.

FIXED. Of course as soon as I posted the pictures I realized that our wiring was wrong. The old thermostat had two lines of labels so we read the line where the wires were (on top) which was incorrect.

Yes, we have a heat pump. I reset the thermostat twice and reinstalled the app twice and stepped through the setup questions, but none of them were related to a heat pump as far as I could tell.

Honeywell wiring:

Thank you.

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Wyze wiring:

Glad to hear you spotted the problem and fixed it, The wyze only shows you the heat pump options if it sees that you have an o/b wire attached.